Build Back Better? Lifelong Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr Event 201 Report Warns Deceptive Gates Foundation, Billionaire-Elites Backed COVID19 & World Economic Forum Tactics Leading to “The Great Reset”

Those reading this article logically fall into one of two categories. They already own a home, or they do not own a home. Those who do not own fall into two sub-categories, those who want to own a home someday, while others who may not think at this time that they want to own their own residence. For many, affordable home ownership is a key issue. That is why Mobile and Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews) is a popular site visited millions of times a year.  Issues related to affordability, access to credit, or other factors that impact the ability to buy a home – or keep the home you already own – matters. With that brief preface, the importance of what famous attorney and advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr begins to take shape on two key issues. One is the Great Reset, which Kennedy names in his report below. But the Great Reset is named in the contest of some troubling insights relative to Bill Gates, his elitist allies, and the genesis of the COVID19 outbreak.

Gates and his buddy Warren Buffett at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation may support Democrats, but self-proclaimed life-long Democrat Kennedy and Gates are hardly on the same page. The quote below makes that clear.



Most Americans are familiar with the late President John F. Kennedy (D). Many also know the name of the late Senator Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy (NY-D). RFK Jr is the son of the assassinated Senator Kennedy and is the nephew of the assassinated President Kennedy. RFK Jr, is no stranger to deadly tragedies and conspiracy theories. As an accomplished attorney who has fought and won against major corporate interests, RFK Jr knows from decades of firsthand experience how to sift through claims and find gems of truth even amidst a pack of lies, deception, and misdirection.

Several factors make this report timely. “The Great Reset” and the claim of “Build Back Better” are part of the political thinking north and south of the U.S. and Canadian border. It also happens to be part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) strategy that the global elites have been attempting for several years to get adopted internationally. While Kennedy’s focus in this report is COVID19, note how he works the connection to the Great Reset in? That is significant. Because COVID19 is an issue that is being leveraged to move people into accepting the arguably misnamed “Great Reset.” More on that following Kennedy’s report on Bill Gates, COVID19, and Event 201.




As one more tee up to RFK Jr’s column that follows, one of the most popular articles on MHLivingNews published in May 2020 covered some of the same ground as he does. That article is linked above. They are entirely different. But when someone reads the report above, and then reads the one from RFK Jr below, the value of each and how their respective research confirms one another are confirmed.

Following his evidence-based report and analysis on Event 201 will be additional information and analysis on the Great Reset and other topics associated with Kennedy’s thesis.


Before COVID, Gates planned social media censorship of vaccine safety advocates with Pharma, CDC, Media, China and CIA

In October 2019, shortly before the COVID outbreak, Gates and other powerful individuals began planning how to censor vaccine safety advocates from social media during a table-top simulation of a worldwide pandemic, known as Event 201.

Fri Mar 12, 2021 – 4:28 am EST

By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.




March 12, 2021 (Children’s Health Defense) — Over the last two weeks, Facebook and other social media sites have deplatformed me and many other critics of regulatory corruption and authoritarian public health policies. So, here is some fodder for those of you who have the eerie sense that the government/industry pandemic response feels like it was planned — even before there was a pandemic.

The attached document shows that a cabal of powerful individuals did indeed begin planning the mass eviction of vaccine skeptics from social media in October 2019, a week or two before COVID began circulating. That month, Microsoft founder Bill Gates organized an exercise of four “table-top” simulations of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic with other high-ranking “Deep State” panjandrums. The exercise was referred to as Event 201.

Gates’ co-conspirators included representatives from the World Bank, the World Economic Forum (Great Reset), Bloomberg/Johns Hopkins University Populations Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, various media powerhouses, the Chinese government, a former Central Intelligence Agency/National Security Agency director (there is no such thing as a former CIA officer), vaccine maker Johnson & Johnson, the finance and biosecurity industries and Edelman, the world’s leading corporate PR firm.

At Gates’ direction, these eminences role-played members of a Pandemic Control Council, wargaming government strategies for controlling the pandemic, the narrative and the population. Needless to say, there was little talk of building immune systems, off-the-shelf remedies or off-patent therapeutic drugs and vitamins, but lots of chatter about promoting uptake of new patentable antiviral drugs and vaccines.

But the participants primarily focused on planning industry-centric, fear-mongering, police-state strategies for managing an imaginary global coronavirus contagion culminating in mass censorship of social media.

Oddly, Gates now claims that the simulation didn’t occur. On April 12, 2020, Gates told BBC, “Now here we are. We didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice, so both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.”

Unfortunately for that whopper, the videos of the event are still available across the internet. They show that Gates and team did indeed simulate health and economic policies. It’s hard to swallow that Gates has forgotten.

Gates’s Event 201 simulated COVID epidemic caused 65 million deaths at the 18-month endpoint and global economic collapse lasting up to a decade. Compared to the Gates simulation, therefore, the actual COVID-19 crisis is a bit of a dud, having imposed a mere 2.5 million deaths “attributed to COVID” over the past 13 months.

The deaths “attributed to COVID” in the real-life situation are highly questionable, and must be seen in the context of a global population of 7.8 billion, with about 59 million deaths expected annually. The predictions of decade-long economic collapse will probably prove more accurate — but only because of the draconian lockdown promoted by Gates.

Gates’ Event 201 script imagines vast anti-vaccine riots triggered by internet posts. The universal and single-minded presumption among its participants was that such a crisis would prove an opportunity of convenience to promote new vaccines, and tighten controls by a surveillance and censorship state.

Segment four of the script — on manipulation and control of public opinion — is most revealing. It uncannily predicted democracy’s current crisis:

  • The participants discussed mechanisms for controlling “disinformation” and “misinformation,” by “flooding” the media with propaganda (“good information”), imposing penalties for spreading falsehoods and discrediting the anti-vaccination movement.
  • Jane Halton, of Australia’s ANZ Bank, one of the authors of Australia’s oppressive “no jab, no pay” policy, assured the participants that Gates Foundation is creating algorithms “to sift through information on these social media platforms” to protect the public from dangerous thoughts and information.
  • George Gao, the prescient director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, worries about how to suppress “rumors” that the virus is laboratory generated: “People believe, ‘This is a manmade’… [and that] some pharmaceutical company made the virus.”
  • Chen Huang, an Apple research scientist, Google scholar and the world’s leading expert on tracking and tracing and facial recognition technology, role-plays the newscaster reporting on government countermeasures. He blames riots on anti-vaccine activists and predicts that Twitter and Facebook will cooperate in “identify[ing] and delete[ing] a disturbing number of accounts dedicated to spreading misinformation about the outbreak” and to implement “internet shutdowns … to quell panic.”
  • Tara Kirk Sell, a senior scholar at Bloomberg School of Health’s Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, worries that pharmaceutical companiesare being accused of introducing the virus so they can make money on drugs and vaccines: “[We] have seen public faith in their products plummet.” She notes with alarm that “Unrest, due to false rumors and divisive messaging, is rising and is exacerbating spread of the disease as levels of trust fall and people stop cooperating with response efforts. This is a massive problem, one that threatens governments and trusted institutions.”

Sell reminds her fellow collaborators that “We know that social media is now the primary way that many people get their news, so interruptions to these platforms could curb the spread of misinformation.” There are many ways, Sell advises, for government and industry allies to accomplish this objective: “Some governments have taken control of national access to the Internet. Others are censoring websites and social media content and a small number have shut down Internet access completely to prevent the spread of misinformation. Penalties have been put in place for spreading harmful falsehoods, including arrests.”

  • Matthew Harrington, CEO of Edelman Public Relations agrees that social media must fall in line to promote government policy: “I also think we’re at a moment where the social media platforms have to step forward and recognize the moment to assert that they’re a technology platform and not a broadcaster is over. They in fact have to be a participant in broadcasting accurate information and partnering with the scientific and health communities to counterweight, if not flood the zone, of accurate information. Because to try to put the genie back in the bottle of misinformation and disinformation is not possible.”
  • Stephen Redd, the Admiral of the Public Health Service, has the sinister notion that government should mine social media data to identify people with negative beliefs: “I think with the social media platforms, there’s an opportunity to understand who it is that’s susceptible … to misinformation, so I think there’s an opportunity to collect data from that communication mechanism.”
  • Adrian Thomas of Johnson & Johnson announces “some important news to share from some of “our member companies [Pharma]”: We are doing clinical trials in new antiretrovirals, and in fact, in vaccines!” He recommends a strategy to address the problems to these companies when “rumors were actually spreading” that their shoddily tested products “are causing deaths and so patients are not taking them anymore.” He suggests, “Maybe we’re making the mistake of reporting and counting all the fatalities and infections.”
  • Former CIA deputy director, Avril Haines unveiled a strategy to “flood the zone” with propaganda from “trusted sources,” including “influential community leaders, as well as health workers.” He warns about “false information that is starting to actually hamper our ability to address the pandemic, then we need to be able to respond quickly to it.”
  • Matthew Harrington (Edelman CEO) observes that the Internet — which once promised the decentralization and democratization of information — now needs to be centralized: “I think just to build a little bit on what Avril said, I think as in previous conversations where we’ve talked about centralization around management of information or public health needs, there needs to be a centralized response around the communications approach that then is cascaded to informed advocates, represented in the NGO communities, the medical professionals, et cetera.”
  • Tom Inglesby (John Hopkins biosecurity expert advisor to the National Institutes of Health, the Pentagon and Homeland Security) agrees that centralized control is needed: “You mean centralized international?”
  • Matthew Harrington (Edelman) replies that information access should be: “Centralized on an international basis, because I think there needs to be a central repository of data facts and key messages.”
  • Hasti Taghi (Media Advisor) sums up: “The anti-vaccine movement was very strong and this is something specifically through social media that has spread. So as we do the research to come up with the right vaccines to help prevent the continuation of this, how do we get the right information out there? How do we communicate the right information to ensure that the public has trust in these vaccines that we’re creating?”
  • Kevin McAleese, communications officer for Gates-funded agricultural projects, observes that: “To me, it is clear countries need to make strong efforts to manage both mis- and disinformation. We know social media companies are working around the clock to combat these disinformation campaigns. The task of identifying every bad actor is immense. This is a huge problem that’s going to keep us from ending the pandemic and might even lead to the fall of governments, as we saw in the Arab Spring. If the solution means controlling and reducing access to information, I think it’s the right choice.”
  • Tom Inglesby, director of Bloomberg’s Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security concurs, asking if “In this case, do you think governments are at the point where they need to require social media companies to operate in a certain way?”
  • Lavan Thiru, Singapore’s Finance Minister suggests that the government might make examples of dissidents with “government or enforcement actions against fake news. Some of us, this new regulations are come in place about how we deal with fake news. Maybe this is a time for us to showcase some cases where we are able to bring forward some bad actors and leave it before the courts to decide whether they have actually spread some fake news.”

Read the attached transcript to see how Gates and his government, pharma and intelligence apparatus telegraphed their plans to censor and control the media during the pandemic. In yet another uncanny coincidence, COVID-19 began circulating among global populations within days of Gates’ meeting.


The video below is linked from RFK Jr’s thoughtful and evidence-based report and analysis shown above.



On the YouTube page for that video, is this explanation. “Event 201 is a pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic. Drawing from actual events, Event 201 identifies important policy issues and preparedness challenges that could be solved with sufficient political will and attention. These issues were designed in a narrative to engage and educate the participants and the audience.”

That video and commentary was posted by The Center for Health Security on November 4, 2019. The Center for Health Security receives funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation has been the number 2 funding source for the World Health Organization (WHO) for some years.


Where the major money goes, influence and reporting routinely follow.


There is satellite evidence that supports the contention that by the time this video was posted, and perhaps during the time of Event 201, the coronavirus was already spreading in Wuhan, China.


Click here to see this in a larger size.


The thrust of attorney, advocate, and author Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s thesis and concerns are thus supported by an array of evidence.  Much of that evidence comes from the WEF and the backers of Event 201 itself. So, Event 201, the WEF, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation role in it may well be a case of a troubling truth hiding in plain sight.



As longtime readers here and on our MHProNews sister-site know, besides Gates himself, the largest donor to the Gates Foundation and one of the trustees is Warren Buffett. Buffett is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) which owns Clayton Homes and other arguably scandal-plagued units that dominate the manufactured housing industry.




These concerns about Gates, the WEF, Event 201 and the so-called Great Reset are international in nature, as the Russell Brand and Sky News videos above and below reflect.



Additional Information, MHLivingNews Analysis and Commentary

On our MHProNews sister site in the report linked below. That has a step-by-step unpacking of much that we now know about the COVID19 outbreak. It happens to reference a different article by another attorney from RFK Jr led The Defender.




As that report linked here and above makes clear, there is ample evidence that our MHLivingNews report last May on the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill Gates, and the origin and handling of the Wuhan Virus related outbreak has proven to be spot on. It is simply a fact that our report is one of the top ranked search results on Google in several different search phrases (see illustrations below.  That is not mentioned to brag. Rather, it is stated because readers should have confidence in their sources – this one or others – that they go to for trusted information in a land that has too much fake news, lies, misdirection, and deception.


The evidenced-based information and analysis attorney, author, and advocate Robert F Kennedy Jr presented above fits neatly into the reporting by MHLivingNews. That report, as the screen captures with commentary above and below reflect, has been popular reading. It has ranked well by Google – near the top of page one among hundreds of thousands of articles and post on that same topic. This is demonstrated to bolster confidence in what we have published, but also in the research that Kennedy shared above. To see this graphic in a larger size, click here.


To see this illustration and commentary in a larger size, click here.


The Great Reset is arguably – like all propaganda – a threat to the interests of individuals and ethical businesses alike.




One can dive into reports like those linked above and below to learn much more. But to keep it simple, ponder this.

If you were a billionaire at Davos where the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) leaders often met, why would you spend time and money trying to sell people on an idea – unless it somehow benefits those same billionaires? Think of the pitch for the so-called Great Reset like an ad on television that is trying to sell a product or service. The person making the pitch benefits, or they would not be spending their money and time on the ad.


There is plenty of what the Capital Research Center (CRC) has called “deception and misdirection” afoot in America and the world. It is therefore necessary for honest people who want their part of the American Dream of stable, enjoyable, and profitable homeownership to be aware themselves and to share reports like this with others. Because in other reports by Kennedy and thinkers like him – informed individuals who span the left-right divide – they are warning Americans and people in other countries too that the Great Rest is a billionaire backed scheme that is threatening a new feudalism. Feudalism is an ancient system of lords and serfs, those with significant power and rights vs. those who have limited or no rights.




The Capital Research Center (CRC) is mentioned for a specific reason. They are more center-right. Kennedy or Glen Greenwald, attorney and award winning journalist, are from the liberal or political left. They may seem to come from different world-views. They do indeed see some topics differently. But on several major issues, they point to similar facts and then they point to similar concerns and conclusions.

Once more for emphasis. Award winning journalist Greenwald and Kennedy often come to similar conclusions looking at the evidence. That conclusion also happens to fit years of research on MHLivingNews and MHProNews. From differing starting points, by following the evidence and the money trail, similar conclusions are found


The point? As MHLivingNews and our sister-site have long argued, there are plenty of ways that bipartisan consensus among “We the People” can be reached on a wide range of issues. Yes, the powers that be can manipulate the news, social media, and much more. But they still need real people to vote.

It goes without saying that we are pro-manufactured homes as dozens of reports and numerous videos on this site make clear. But we are also keenly concerned why this opportunity for affordable home ownership has been undermined by some top elites.


Why has the various truths about modern manufactured homes and mobile or manufactured home living been obscured? Who does that benefit? Who does that harm? To see this photo collage in a larger size, click here. To learn more about the brighter side and facts about manufactured home living, click here and here.


Dive into the related reports to learn more. Because pretty words like “Build Back Better” are arguably just part of a propaganda sales pitch that Kennedy, this site, and others have been warning against for some years. Do not buy into the “deception and misdirection.” The first step to problem solving begins by understanding.




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