New Freddie Mac Research Brief Says Majority of Consumers Would Consider Purchasing a Manufactured Home Most Have Good Perception of Manufactured Housing – Facts & Analysis

Freddie Mac released a research brief on June 29, 2022 on Manufactured Housing. That brief was provided to MHLivingNews and others in media and its key findings are found below. Their report will be followed by other information from mainstream news and other sources.


Research Brief | June 29, 2022

Majority of Consumers Say They Would Consider Purchasing a Manufactured Home

QuoteMarkManufacturedHomeLivingNewsTwo years of significant home price appreciation has resulted in national concerns about housing affordability. However, in new research by Freddie Mac, 6-in-10 individuals say they would consider purchasing the type of dwelling that has become the largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the United States: manufactured housing.

Construction costs for manufactured homes are typically lower, which may have contributed to their growing popularity in recent years. According to recent U.S. Census data, 6.2% of people currently live in manufactured homes.

A recent Freddie Mac housing survey shows that general familiarity with manufactured housing is relatively high, with 47% of respondents saying they are somewhat or very familiar with manufactured housing. In the study, 62% of people say they are likely to consider purchasing a manufactured home in the future.

Perception of Manufactured Homes

The overall perception of manufactured homes is positive, according to the survey results.

All told, 77% of people who are aware of manufactured homes expressed a positive sentiment toward these homes, describing them as “new,” “efficient,” “affordable” and “easy.” Most agree that there are tangible benefits to manufactured homes, including the following:

  • Allow a wide range of customization.
  • Affordable without compromising on quality.
  • Ecofriendly and energy efficient.
  • A good investment.

Who Is Likely to Consider Buying a Manufactured Home?

Although 62% of people say they are likely to consider purchasing a manufactured home in the future, certain populations are more likely than others to buy them. The survey results were analyzed by generation, race, urbanicity and household income to take a closer look at trends in likelihood to purchase a manufactured home.

Household income did not affect respondents’ reported likelihood to purchase, but the survey data shows that those with an annual income less than $50,000 have a significantly more positive perception of manufactured homes than the total sample or other income groups.

Likelihood to Consider Purchasing: By Generation

Generation Likelihood to Purchase
Millennials 68%
Gen X 62%
Gen Z 61%
Boomers 40%

Likelihood to Consider Purchasing: By Race

Race Likelihood to Purchase
Black 66%
Hispanic 61%
White 61%

Likelihood to Consider Purchasing: By Urbanicity

Urbanicity Likelihood to Purchase
Urban 67%
Rural 64%
Suburban 56%


The 2022 Manufactured Housing Survey was fielded April 7-11, 2022, and includes responses from 2,092 respondents age 18 and older. The survey oversampled for Black and Hispanic consumers, Gen Z and Millennials. … ##


Additional Information, More MHLivingNews Analysis and Commentary

The video below, also by Freddie Mac, features a discussion among professionals about the opportunities to serve “mortgage ready” manufactured home buyers. Their YouTube page says:

“Freddie Mac subject-matter experts discuss key highlights from Freddie Mac’s first-of-its-kind research on manufactured housing market opportunities. Lenders can leverage these findings to grow their business while addressing affordable housing challenges. Lenders will gain insights they can use to advance the acceptance, use, and ownership of manufactured housing, as well as information on financing options including Freddie Mac CHOICEHome® and manufactured housing mortgages to help more clients become homeowners.”



It isn’t just Freddie Mac saying nice things about modern manufactured homes. Several regional news outlets have done video reports that focus on the growing acceptance of manufactured housing for reasons like those noted by Freddie Mac. The video above was posted on May 24, 2022.



But the reality is that there have been decades of research reports that praised modern manufactured homes. MHLivingNews has the largest known collection online of third-party research of manufactured homes conducted by government, nonprofit, university, and others. These routinely debunk the common misconceptions of manufactured homes while spotlighting the overall quality and value, as Freddie Mac has now done, only others have done so often in greater detail.


Research-Data-Stats – Media & Investigator Resources – Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Manufactured Housing Research – HUD, Univ-Studies, CFPB, Nonprofits, GAO, NFPA – Exec Summary, Definitions, Facts, Trends, More


One might wonder why Freddie Mac, which is under a Congressional mandate or “Duty to Serve” Manufactured Housing that experts and industry professionals doubt the mortgage giant is properly fulfilling is making this pitch now? After all, the manufactured home industry was producing double the number of homes 20 years ago, and the homes were much the same. For more on that see the report linked below.

Puzzling Facts Explored-With 14 Year Highest Production Levels, Why Relatively Few Manufactured Homes Sold? Urban Institute Manufactured Housing Redux – March 2022 Data

Or why didn’t Freddie Mac mention favorable research published some 4 years earlier by the National Association of Realtors (NAR)? That study by NAR’s Scholastica “Gay” Cororaton’s demonstrated several eye-opening points, including that most renters – tens of millions of them – could readily make the payments on a manufactured home because those payments would be less than their rent.


MHLivingNews has also provided consumer tips about manufactured housing picked up by Google news and provided to third-party news outlets, as the example linked below reflects.  Further favorable research by Lending Tree late last year revealed that manufactured homes in many states were appreciating at a faster rate than conventional housing.


‘Half Priced New Homes’ — Tampa Free Press-MHLivingNews Reveals Federally Certified, 3rd Party Inspected New Affordable Homes, Facts, Video, Analysis Solutions to Festering Affordable Housing Crisis Problems

Unpacking “Manufactured Homes as an Investment” LendingTree “Mobile Home Values Are Rising Faster Than Single-Family Home Values”—When do Mobile and Manufactured Homes Appreciate or Depreciate?


Weather data and solid research also debunks the arguably overgrown hype about manufactured homes and windstorms. Videos and facts in the report below reveal that neither conventional housing, nor manufactured homes, are tornado-proof. But both can withstand such windstorms, and insights on that are found below.


“Preliminary Tornado Data 2021 National Weather Service,–Surprising, Hopeful Facts for Affordable Housing Seekers” – Impact on Conventional Housing, Mobile Home, Manufactured Homeowners


Additional insights and related information are found in the linked reports that follow.


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But perhaps equally important, this platform and our sister site, MHProNews, have often pulled back the veil in so-called predatory brands. Consumers shopping for a new manufactured home need to be aware of how to navigate beyond ‘black hats’ and could use help in finding the white hats in the manufactured home industry.


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Saving Time, Money, Hassles – How Can You Buy a Manufactured Home Without Encountering Problems? Pissed Consumer Video Interview of L. A. “Tony” Kovach on Manufactured Housing


The bottom line? Manufactured housing is the most proven form of affordable housing in the U.S. today.  Shoppers and researchers should familiarize themselves with the items linked above and below to get the most home for your money. ##


“We as a Nation Can Solve the Affordable Housing Crisis,” Says Secretary Ben Carson, Spotlighting Manufactured Homes, Other Emerging Housing Technologies

Mobile and Manufactured Home Living Revolution Revival – “You Can Live Better When Your Living Costs Less.”

Which Is It? Is it a Mobile Home or a Manufactured Home? Visual Guidance Planned by AP Stylebook for Reporters/Journalists Useful to General Public, Public Officials, and Researchers



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