The Tidmore Home – Exclusive Video for Inside MH

Welcome to The Tidmore Home Tour, an Exclusive to that we are so pleased to bring you!  As regulars here know, we usually love to show a few screen captures, insights and details from the video we are about to share, but this time will be different. The reason? We have surprises all along the way on this one! We don’t want to give even a single one away.

Our focus group gave this video 2 Thumbs Way Up! We hope you will feel that way about this video too.

We’ve been told that this home could make the cut with one of those lifestyle/home/garden magazines. If so, we’ll plan to let you know. Beyond The Tidmore Home itself, you’ll find a number of items that you may never have seen teamed up with a home tour video like this before. Enjoy!

We will give you one BIG hint. What you see towards the last third of this video are snipets of more insights to come! We can’t say more without giving it all away. My personal thanks to the Tidmore’s for sharing this level of access to their residence, and to Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY) for making the introductions that made this exclusive home tour video possible. Please do pass it on!  Kindly check in to our next Inside MH Road Show next week, and thanks for surfing in. ##

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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