Great Kitchens and Great Homes

Perhaps you like watching TV shows that feature amazing kitchens. Maybe you have toured houses where conventional builders have used an abundance of upscale cabinetry, granite counters, classy flooring and high end appliances. In new construction or remodeling, the kitchen can often be the most expensive room in a house. Consider this thought. In a house with a great kitchen, that one room will cost more than millions of mobile or manufactured homes in America. Depending on the cost of a kitchen, that one room built using conventional ‘on-site construction’ can cost more than a large percentage of new manufactured homes. Still, the new Manufactured home can also have a great kitchen!

Here are a pair of photos from our Great Southwest Home Show 3D photo gallery.



 The show took place in Tulsa, OK, click on the hot link above to see the entire gallery.


 Certainly, manufactured and modular homes today have kitchens that would make these nice ones above seem modest! But imagine,

Image-credit-gizmag-proposed-200-story1tall-modular-building (1) you can have fine kitchens like the ones show – and the rest of the home – for less than the price of a kitchen alone in many conventional houses.

That gives you a quick idea on the point that you can buy a factory built home that rivals or beats conventional construction in features or value.

Millions of Americans don’t realize how accepted factory building is in parts of Europe or countries like Japan.

The Chinese just announced that the world’s tallest building will be constructed using modular (factory) building. The image above, courtesy of GizMag, is a rendering of the 200 story building that the Chinese claim they can build in perhaps only 90 days, using modular factory construction methods.

So if you own a factory built home, or you are thinking about buying one, you can consider yourself a practical forward thinker! Sharing the news about the advantages of manufactured home living can over time increase the value and respect that is due to all factory-built homes.##

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