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One of the common misconceptions about contemporary manufactured home (MH) living is that it is only for the lowest income levels. That’s a false perception! This Inside MH video interview is with an engineer. It gives us a glimpse into what many professionals – including millionaires – think about quality, appealing MH living.

Let’s say straight away that the manufactured housing industry should be PROUD of the fact they are able to provide quality affordable homes for those with modest incomes. That’s a plus! But part of the reason for this interview is to show you and others that highly educated, successful and financially sound individuals are among the millions who own a modern manufactured home. Engineer Smitty Miller is one of those financially strong MH homeowners.

Actress Betsy Russell’s $2 million custom manufactured home. Nearby are conventional houses that sell for 10 times that, or more.

Smitty Miller is soft-spoken. He’s had a great career. You’ll hear about his interesting professional background, which he shares in this video. I found his personal story to be compelling; many of you will, too. He has a subtle sense of humor and a keen mind.

An interior view of Betsy Russell’s kitchen. When people realize that modern MH living is appealing to millionaires and well-paid professionals, shouldn’t it be good enough for anyone? (Photos courtesy of TMZ and MLS.)

You’ll hear Smitty talk about the 4,000-square-foot conventional house – with a big yard and pool – that he sold before buying and customizing his new manufactured home.

For those who listen carefully, you’ll also hear some reasons from Smitty as to why he enjoys “land lease” MH Community living. Get out your paper and pen (or tablet/smartphone), because he makes a number of great points.

FYI, I’ve seen a place in the Chicago suburbs where you can find conventionally, “stick built” million-dollar-plus houses on a land-lease. They, too, have an HOA, plus the land lease. Why do millionaires do that? Because when you “lay off” the land and infrastructure costs, you can afford to get more house.

A street view of Smitty’s residence in Sunny Acres, in spring.

Save While You Live or Retire in Style

Millions want to enjoy their retirement years.  Smitty talks about golf, swimming and travel among his interests.  In another upcoming interview, you’ll meet a couple who did what this engineer did: sell a conventional house, to pay cash for their manufactured home. 

The same can be true for those still working. It is common sense that you can live better when your home costs less. That can apply for the young, single couple or family, or those upsizing, downsizing.

Another contemporary MH in Sunny Acres, Somerset, PA. (Photos courtesy of UMH Properties.)

With manufactured homes, you can also enjoy a number of benefits for far less. Discover benefits like Smitty describes in his MH community that you would only get with exclusive neighborhoods boasting a top-notch HOA. The point is that well-operated manufactured home communities offer a great option that is often misunderstood or overlooked.

Smitty has suggestions for those shopping for a house. He explains why and how they should consider a MH. You’ll hear his thoughts on what you should look for, if you are considering a land-lease manufactured home community.

Bottom line: There are people with a seven-figure (or more) net worth living in manufactured homes, not just in Malibu, CA or on Long Island, NY. They can be living in spectacular neighborhoods, on private land, or in a nice community like Sunny Acres, in Somerset, PA. Our thanks to UMH Properties for introducing us to Mr. Miller. My thanks to Smitty, himself, for graciously sharing his time and wisdom.

We’ll have more video interviews – plus home tours! – from our March 2015, Inside MH – Road Show to come. Check back this week and learn more. Odds are good that you, family, friends or loved ones will be glad you invested the time to learn more about MH living from the home owners and pros who know. ##

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