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$2 Million Houses – How do they stack up to buying a new Manufactured Home?

Buying a house is usually one of the biggest purchases that a person makes in their life.  So buyers naturally want to make sure they’re getting the most for their money.

Some people spend millions on their houses.  They may buy a premiere location, or an extravagant house, looking for a status symbol, or whatever.

Meanwhile, most are spending a few hundred thousand dollars for a more modest conventional dwelling.

A much smaller portion of home owners paid far less, and got the same quality as the people spending hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars.

They are able to do so through quality, appealing, and affordable manufactured homes.

Home in Irvine, California. Credits, CNBC,

An article from CNBC featured $2 million houses across the country, to show how much house that kind of money bought in a given market.

The homes in their report range in size from 3,945 square feet in Irvine, California to 15,316 square feet in Branson, Missouri.  Others on their list were in the 5,000-6,000 square foot range.

Amenities for these lavish homes included in-ground swimming pools (both indoor and outdoor), tennis courts, home theaters, and private elevators.

Branson, Missouri home. Credit, CNBC,
North Oaks, Minnesota home. Credits, CNBC,

Meanwhile, others are more frugal, even when money is no object.  Some, like performer Kid Rock, had a fancy mansion. Then, they decide to “downsize.”  That example of the country-rock-pop musician’s manufactured home is linked here.


You see a lot of people in my business. You go to these houses and I go where do you start in this thing? Like, how many times do you use the movie theater? I’ve built one. I maybe went in there once,” Kid Rock said per Rockfeed.

The entertainer, with a net-worth of over $80 million, prefers the convenience, comfort and simplicity of a modern manufactured home over conventional housing.

Kid Rock is only one of many rich and famous individuals who either currently live in or have lived in a manufactured home at some point.

There’s also a manufactured home community in the Hampton’s called Montauk Resort, which has become a hot-spot for both millionaires and billionaires.


So why are all these ultra-rich individuals drawn to manufactured homes?

Despite the negative stereotypes which leave many incorrectly thinking that manufactured homes are unsafe and only for the poorest of people, these wealthy people see the true value that manufactured homes offer.


Today’s manufactured homes can look and live like a conventional, site-built house, and can be half the price of new construction. Additionally, many manufactured homes are Energy Star rated, so they are more efficient than older, existing homes,” said Lindsey Bostick, of Sunshine Homes.

Bostick owns her own residential style manufactured home.

Modern manufactured homes can be ordered with the same luxuries someone would expect in a nicer, traditional site-built house. Features like granite counter tops, hardwood floors and energy efficiency can easily be part of a pre-designed or custom manufactured home – and the cost of the home will still be a fraction of a similar site-built house.


Manufactured homes can come with add-ons – like garages – or carports.  Or some who are ultra-tight budget minded may skip those, and still have a home they can call their own.


Manufactured homes can be easy to spot in some cases, but in others are hard to tell apart from neighboring conventional housing.

Beyond saving, manufactured housing actually perform better than site-built homes in many safety areas. For example, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, there are less fires per 1,000 manufactured homes, and they also stand-up better to windstorms.


The homes featured in the article by CNBC have many of the same luxury items someone can have – for a fraction of the cost – through investing in a manufactured home.

It is unlikely that the objective shopper will find the same value in conventional housing, where the average price per square foot is $94, compared to the $50 per square foot for manufactured housing, per Homes Direct.

So do you still wonder why the open-minded, rich and famous, like Kid Rock, have decided to live in a manufactured home? ##

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