Manufactured Home Owner Letter about Video Interviews

Hi Tony, Thanks for the updated link. The videos do a good job of highlighting the information you need to get out there to set the record straight, and they keep hammering home the message of quality, affordability and safety.

The HUD official was a very nice, solid interview that also brought the cache of Credibility (with a capital C) to all of the surrounding content on the page. Likewise, the owner testimonials have the ring of truth.


(Photo added by editor, is one of the video

interviews referenced by Jan’s letter)

And who can argue with the mantra: Everything else we consume comes from a factory — why not our homes? It is such a logical argument, that it’s not hard to envision a future when that is where most new homes will come from.

What struck me from my own recent experience in owning a manufactured home, is the livability factor — how there is no difference in “feel,” from a site-built home, plus the startling realization of how well insulated it is. As I mentioned in my cover letter, we use ours as a guest house and it is only intermittently occupied, so during the summer, I leave the a/c thermostat set at 80 degrees, mainly to keep the humidity under control. I’m always shocked to walk in and find the a/c idle and the temperature inside in the high 70s in the middle of June or July, while the a/c at my smaller site-built residence next door is merrily eating up kilowatts to maintain the same temperature.

Another point that hit close to home was the length of time involved in site-built construction. I have corporate/vacation rentals in the Tampa FL area that are often rented by families awaiting final completion of their site-built homes. They book the rental thinking they only need a few weeks to a month before the promised move-in date and invariably end up extending by three to four months. Imagine if they knew about the faster time it would take to move into a manufactured or modular home?

Anyway, I could go on, but of course that’s preaching to the choir.

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(Editor’s note: published with permission, last name withheld for privacy reasons. Photos and graphics added by staff, and where not supplied by Jan, who wrote the letter-to-the-editor above.



The video interview with the HUD official Jan references is linked here. Some of the interviews with home owners, are linked here, with another, linked here. Letters to the Editor graphic credit = LakerPioneer.)

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