There are dozens of builders of modern MH, with thousands of floorplans and styles available. This couple chose a Sunshine Home, crafted in Red Bay, AL.

Saving the American Dream for a Soldier, new Wife and Family

Edward Love will tell you in his own words that he was frustrated with the hassles of buying a conventional house. So he and Michelle decided to go looking at manufactured homes.

It’s Christmastime, and people love a story where dreams come true. How often do you meet a family with the name Love? How cool is that!

In this and every episode of Inside MH Road Show, we interview real people. There are no scripts, teleprompters or talking points. They tell you about their experiences – its more genuine than reality TV.

This story takes place in Hattiesburg, MS. Regular visitors of MHLivingNews can tell you that you’ll see and hear people from border-to-border who care enough to share their story with you too. Some videos are with are experts, others -like this one – are with home owners. Each video is unique, but you do start hearing words like quality, appeal. savings and ‘falling in love‘ with modern manufactured home living.

Yes, millions think the American dream of home ownership has slipped away.  This video and others prove that the solution to quality affordable living is alive and well.  Its found in neighborhoods, communities and model home sales centers – like the one this couple found their dream at, award-winning Southern Colonel Homes – where modern manufactured homes are waiting to be discovered.

We’ll bring you the full length version of this video interview in the days ahead, so check back for that and more soon. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an MH educational session . Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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