Fishing at Lake Thelma, New Durham Estates, Westville, IN.

Authentic! Fisherman Dave Cavinder – Catching Fish and the Community Lifestyle at New Durham Estates, Westville IN – Inside MH Video Interview

One key to the powerful insights of doing Inside MH Road Show video interviews like this one is that you can spot what is real so quickly. Fisherman Dave Cavinder is the real deal. He is earthy, no pretense, authentic!

There will be some things that will be a bit salty, so mom/dad, if you want to keep just a touch of PG 13 language from your young one’s ears, be forewarned. We left that in precisely because it is – vintage Dave.

If you want to win a fishing contest with your buddies, listen carefully to the tip Dave gives.

Fisherman Dave Cavinder.

Westville, Indiana is where the land-lease manufactured home community that Dave lives is located.  Westville has been named one of the 50 safest cities/towns in the state. In the video interview we did with Regina Ruddell, a retired police chief’s wife who is one of Dave’s neighbors, she explained why that is so. There is a pre-screening process before you can take up residency there. Better MH Communities routinely have that practice.


What that means is that you end up with the kind of good people that Fisherman Dave describes as being his friends and neighbors.

If you can’t tell that I had a terrific time talking with Dave, well, then you need more caffeine! Dave is a pleasant, witty and insightful man. He clearly loves to fish. Let’s let him tell his own story in the video you see above. My thanks again to the fine folks at New Durham Estates for giving us the introductions to so many of their residents. You’ll see that today’s MH attracts good people, like you. ##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an educational session during the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. Click the image above to see a video from this amazing show.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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