Video – Senior Service Tech Jon Johnson Compares Apartments, Houses to modern Manufactured Homes

Tens of millions of Americans follow a life-path that includes starting-out or re-aligning with apartment living.  When their time comes to decide – “what’s next?” – that’s when the choice or comparison between a manufactured home and other housing options comes into play.  That’s one of many reasons we were so pleased to do this interview with Jon and Amy Johnson.

The Caron’s welcoming residents to a wine and cheese event at the Saddlebrook Farms community clubhouse. The property is near Kalamazoo, MI in the town of Oshtemo.

Jon will tell you in his own words why he and Amy left a free apartment to buy a manufactured home.

As a service technician for apartments and other housing, Jon is uniquely qualified to share his thoughts and observations on comparisons between an apartment, the kind of conventional new house he describes his buddy buying, and today’s manufactured homes.  We think this will be a keenly watched and informative video for years to come.

It’s worth mentioning that we often make contacts with residents via the assistance of a business, group or association.  It’s a common media practice. It’s also common for companies to want to lend-that-hand because they hope to benefit from good publicity, and there is nothing wrong with that motivation.  Of course, no one knows what a home owner will say once you get them on camera!

That said, Campbell-Caron Properties’ impressive team introduced us Jon, Amy and others at Saddlebrook Farms near Kalamazo, MI – even though that property is 100% occupied.  You might find a resale available there, but there are no vacant home-sites for their company to fill. In other words, they wanted to get the REAL story of today’s manufactured home out. My hats off to their firm for that long-term perspective!

There are a growing number of manufactured housing professionals who want to get-the-story-out of how great a lifestyle option today’s manufactured home can be.  There are millions of owners and MH Community (MHC) residents who are happy with their lifestyle.  We’ve found they are routinely eager to tell the story the mainstream media’s all-too-common hunt for ‘bad news’ often misses.  However, in fairness, more and more media are contacting us, looking for greater insights into stories just like this one.

“We upgraded” in lifestyle, said Amy Johnson. Part of a street view of Saddlebrook Farms, near Kalamazoo MI.

Quality, Appealing, Affordable Living

What’s the best way to dispel the myths, urban legends and stereotypes of manufactured home living?  By talking to those who know and understand it best. By seeing the reality through video, and then perhaps, an in-person look.

I can tell you that a community is clean, quiet and appealing.  But when you watch this video – filmed outdoors by their high quality swimming pool and community center – you’ll see in the background the beauty, appeal and ‘quiet’ of this neighborhood.  You’ll see the occasional car drive by.  The point is, that what you see and hear is real.  Natural beauty, well maintained, great for those who want to have an upscale lifestyle at a fraction of the normal price elsewhere.

Okay, you’ll get a little singing, a little dancing from the residents in this video. Not too little, not too much…just right.

Just as you have old conventional housing neighborhoods and newer ones too, the same pattern is true for MH communities.  There are differences, and they often favor the MH community.

So when you or someone you know is looking for new place to live, by all means, check out today’s manufactured homes in the area you want to live. It may not always be what a person finally decides to get. But many, many times, I’ve heard these words over-and-over from people of all walks of life – “I didn’t know a manufactured home was so appealing and well built!”

Hear what Jon – who has worked for numerous property management companies – has to say about comparing apartments to houses to manufactured homes in his own words. Listen too to what his wife Amy shares.  You’ll be glad you did.

This delightful couple is one of many that we will be sharing their Inside MH home owner video interview with you, our faithful readers and viewers.

As a programing note, some of those faces and people you see in the intro and outro of our various Inside MH Road Show videos are often ‘upcoming’ video interviews scheduled for ManufacturedHomeLivingNews. We’ll have more good ones coming your way this week, and the week after that and…

…you get the idea.##

L. A. “Tony” Kovach at an educational session during the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. Tony is one of the most recognized experts on MH today.


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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