The Home Place – Warrior, Alabama – Inside MH Road Show Video

We were told that the name of the business came about like this. Some customers were describing to the management of the retail center where they were planning on placing their new manufactured homes. “We’re putting our home at the home place” was an expression that often came up, and that name stuck for the owners of the business.

The Home Place has served their market for about 46 years. We decided to visit this award-winning retailer during our recent Inside MH Road Show.

This video above includes a tour of a home with an incredibly large island kitchen that featured KCMA certified cabinets.  There is a luxurious master bath in this 2400 square foot, 4 bedroom 3 bath home.  The living area boasts some terrific feaures, as the video reveals. This was one of many models in Home Place’s extensive home display.  The photo below is how the model home center looks from the interstate which is on the west side of their new location.


Regular readers here may recall our recent The Tidmore Home featured video report.. That’s the home that Joey Tidmore is talking about during his interview. That link above includes flash-backs to the production center where their personal home was built, as well as view of the gorgeous home the Tidmore’s have made for themselves.


When new conventional housing in their market is reportedly selling for $120 per square foot, to be able to buy an energy saving, attractive home like the Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY) model shown in this video for less than half that price, that should make home buyers in all parts of the nation sit up and take notice.  That quality, green and affordable design also explains why DVLY attracts conventional home builders as among their thousands of new home buyers.

DVLY produces ‘high end’ residential style manufactured and modular homes, and is a publicly traded company.  The firm has built some 7,500 homes since their inception, a list of their high-quality suppliers and features is found at this link.

As Chet Murphree and James McGee said in an earlier interview, it is all about education. The more the public realizes the quality and value of today’s factory crafted homes, the stronger the response in markets around the nation will be. ##

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