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What PBS NewsHour Missed About Manufactured Home Living


Videos can be a powerful way to quickly capture and convey impressions. The written word can provide details and context that a typically short video will of necessity miss. Put video and written words together, add some photos and/or graphics, and you can have rich, multi-media insights that – properly portrayed – can begin to truly inform the reader/viewer. Before …

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Nicole Barker compares her Modular Home with conventional construction 


Nicole and her daughters are delightful, as this short video with them reveals. The timing was terrific: their family were in Springfield, MO for some shopping when the interview coordinator called them, and we just happened to be set up in a model that was just like the one they bought about a year ago.  Nicole explains that her and …

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College Education Made In Perpetuity – The Kalamazoo Promise; Von Washington Jr – where Affordability and Quality of Life Meet


Von Washington Jr. has many exciting stories to tell. For example, he’s met the President of the United States (POTUS) when the school he was principle at was honored by a visit from Barack Obama. That was in 2010. Today, Von Washington is a steward – one of the directors – at the Kalamazoo Promise, a program that provides college …

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Saving the American Dream for a Soldier, new Wife and Family


Edward Love will tell you in his own words that he was frustrated with the hassles of buying a conventional house. So he and Michelle decided to go looking at manufactured homes. It’s Christmastime, and people love a story where dreams come true. How often do you meet a family with the name Love? How cool is that! In this …

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Why Families, Singles and Couples are Attracted to Good Manufactured Home Communities


Millions who don’t yet have a manufactured home are at times baffled by why millions of others love living in a good manufactured home community. A good manufactured home community provides the features and advantages that Rob Gray and Chelsea DeHann describe in this video interview. Let me say what they don’t on camera. Besides saving a ton of money …

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Police Chief’s Wife is on Town Council and Loves Manufactured Home Living

In part 1 of this video interview, you’ll meet Regina Ruddell. Regina is on the town council, serving Ward 4 in Westville IN. She’s rather modest in this video, because she is so popular, she ran unopposed and got 100% of the vote for the Ward 4 council seat. She has a great job, which you’ll learn more about later. …

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Personalizing Your Custom Home – at Half the Cost


Many home buyers want to keep it simple. They shop for an existing home they like, and when they find it and the details are lined up, they purchase. Others want to custom order a new home, and technological advances makes it possible to: buy a custom home for about half the cost, and in only a third of the …

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Sneak a Peek! What Millions Knows – Hiding in Plain Sight – The Home of the Future


Travel any highway or byway anywhere in the nation and you’ll no doubt see cruising down the road a transporter – and a flag car or two – with bold banners proclaiming the obvious: Oversized Load. There is no mystery about what people think they are; the roofs, doors and windows clearly define the parameters of a manufactured home – …

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“It’s not a trailer, it’s a manufactured home!” Inside MH with Mary Johnson, Retired Nurse

There are always some things that we miss when we’re doing video interviews with home owners, housing experts and manufactured home industry professionals. Our videos are unscripted, and so in the minutes before or after a video, I’m chatting with the person, duo or family to get to know them. During those warm ups, some things usually pop up that …

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Getting More Manufactured Home Lending – Video Interview with MH Owner, Tom Fath


Financing is always a hot topic in manufactured housing. A very common Google search is for mobile or manufactured home loans! If you want more MHLending, and want to keep it simple, jump near the end of this article to Want more access to MH loans? For those who want more details, let’s dive in with the following. Lending has …

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HUD Secretary Julian Castro praises Quality, Safe and Affordable Manufactured Homes


Washington DC – Chicago IL.  On November 11, 2015, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro addressed the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI) NCC membership via video, praising them for their work in addressing America’s affordable housing crisis with these words: “Hello everyone! I’m HUD Secretary Julian Castro. I’d like to thank the National Communities Council for the opportunity to address …

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From Condo to Upscale Manufactured Home Living – John & Joyce Walter, Oshtemo, MI – Inside MH Road Show Video


John and Joyce Walter lived in their condo for about 7 years. We did some Google searches, and the condos in the market they’re located in ranged from $200,000-$300,000 to $1.2 million dollars. Frustrated with rising costs and other issues they’ll share in this video interview, this professional who retired from a major pharmaceutical company and his wife decided to …

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Olga Pecanac, Olga’s Place Pizza & Euro Restaurant, Westville, IN – U.S. Destination – Pure Fun!


Olga and her parents came to the United States “with nothing,” Ms. Pecanac states. They came the old fashion way, legally. After years of study and work to get to their part of the American Dream, they opened Olga’s Restaurant, where Olga and her mother attract customers from far and wide an equally old fashion way. Good food, and good …

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Robert Gann, Chet Murphree, Deer Valley Homebuilders, Guin AL – Inside MH Video Tours


All across America, every day, thousands are shopping for a new home. People naturally want the most home for their money. They want quality, looks, energy savings. Sure, they want a good price, but most don’t want to sacrifice quality to get there. That’s where the surprising option of today’s manufactured and modular homes comes in.  Its one of the …

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Comparing Quality to Quality – Conventional On-Site Building vs. Manufactured Homes


Mike Stone has friends in the building trades.  Mike works as the production manager for Sunshine Homes Inc. in Red Bay, AL.  Having just done a longer, in depth video interview a couple of days before with Tim Bunch – a highly respected real estate/housing inspector from Michigan – made our Inside MH Road Show interview with Mike Stone all …

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