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All across America, every day, thousands are shopping for a new home. People naturally want the most home for their money. They want quality, looks, energy savings. Sure, they want a good price, but most don’t want to sacrifice quality to get there. That’s where the surprising option of today’s manufactured and modular homes comes in.  Its one of the rare times you can get quality and savings to kiss.

Exterior view of the model shown in the video, below.

Modular homes are factory-built homes constructed to the same building code as conventional housing, typically to a state or local code standard.

Manufactured homes are built to a federally preemptive standard (the HUD Code for Manufactured Housing), and perform dynamically the same as conventional construction. See the video interview with the recently retired federal official, linked here, who used to head up that federal MH inspection program.  Let that third party expert tell you in his own words why this isn’t just industry talk, its the reality of today’s MH.

This short video will introduce you to one of the leading independent builders of upscale, residential-style manufactured homes today. You can see the full length video tour of the home shown at the start of this video, at this link here. That video will show you more behind the scenes looks inside the Deer Valley Homebuilders, Guin AL based production center.

On our sister site,, we featured an interview with Deer Valley Homebuilders co-founder and General Manager, Chet Murphree, see the short and long versions of that video interview, linked here.

Manufactured and modular homes offers prospective home buyers the amazing option of getting their dream homes, custom-built for a faction of the price and time of conventional construction. You can often get a new home for less than an existing conventional house that may be decades old. You also get amazing energy savings, lower upkeep and a warranty that existing homes typically don’t offer.


Seeing is believing. Compare your options first hand. Do the math.

When you do, you’ll see why thousands have elected to buy a high-quality home from Deer Valley. You’ll see why Joey Tidmore – who is also featured in this video – says its the best home on the market, and why millions have opted for a modern manufactured home. Enough said for today! ##

L. A> ‘Tony’ Kovach addressing professionals at the New York Housing meeting, at the Turning Stone resort hotel, Verona, NY. Photo credit Mike Simon, NYHousing. Tony is one of the most widely recognized experts on the Manufactured Home Lifestyle in America.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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