Comparing Quality to Quality – Conventional On-Site Building vs. Manufactured Homes

Mike Stone has friends in the building trades.  Mike works as the production manager for Sunshine Homes Inc. in Red Bay, AL.  Having just done a longer, in depth video interview a couple of days before with Tim Bunch – a highly respected real estate/housing inspector from Michigan – made our Inside MH Road Show interview with Mike Stone all the more interesting.

This video is a “key takeaway” video, it’s less than 3 minutes.

You can see the start of our full length video interview with Mike Stone, linked here.

Not Just Stone, Many Others Too


We produced a video interview recently with Mickey and Dick Ennis, a successful couple who just retired earlier this year.  Mickey was very successful in real estate.  She knows homes. They shopped carefully. They picked a manufactured home in a sharp community to call their own.

In the video with Dick and Mickey, they explain that today’s manufactured homes aren’t the “trailer houses” of yesteryear.  Let Mickey Ennis – or other experts we linked below – explain why.

NBC News, Deseret News, Others…

DeseretNewsAveragePriceHouseVsavgManufacturedHome-postedMHLivingNews-com-Deseret News did a report earlier this year that said that today’s manufactured home could save the dream of home ownership for millions of Americans. The graphic shown here at the left is from their report and reflects just one of many reasons why today’s MH makes so much good sense.

Previously, we interviewed Linda Hazellhoff.  Linda is a successful real estate agent with 17 years experience, whose husband is a custom home builder.  You can hear what Linda has to say (see the link below) about comparing conventional houses to manufactured homes, and why she has sold hundreds of manufactured homes for those customers looking for the most home value.

North. South. East. West. From different parts of the country, the open-minded home shopper can find the quality and value they need in a manufactured home.

I’ve personally owned conventional houses in good neighborhoods and manufactured homes on private property or nice communities, and learned first-hand that you cook, clean, eat, live and love the same in a manufactured home as you do a conventional house.

But please don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what housing inspector Tim Bunch, successful Dick and Mickey Ennis, real estate agent Linda Hazelhoff, Kim Capen, Mayor Phil Segraves or quality control inspector Brent Bolding – among dozens of others – have to say.

Depending on local market and options, a home like the 4-2  above with 1920 square feet with installation starts in the 80s. Comparable conventional house could be double the cost.

NBC News reported at the link here how an inexpensive yet properly installed manufactured home did better in a third-party hurricane wind test than a conventional on-site built house did that was many times the cost.  You can see a short video version of that NBC reported hurricane wind test side by side, linked here.  You can see what engineer Dr. Tim Reinhold from IBHS says about manufactured homes in storms, linked here.

Quality and Value

The point is that home buyers are getting a great price – not sacrificing quality or safety – in contemporary manufactured homes for the same reason you save money buying anything made in a production center.  The factory can save time and money, and that savings is passed onto home buyers.  Just imagine building a car in your driveway; how much longer and how much more expensive would that be?

A home like the one above, depending on the market and options, could start in the upper 40s, for about 1200 square feet. A comparable sized condo could be double or more the cost, depending on market and features. Interior home photo credits, Sunshine Homes, Red Bay, AL stills from ManufacturedHomes and Inside MH Videos.

Websites and videos here can get you started.  But sooner or later, you should take the next step and go inside today’s manufactured home. Find a retailer or community in your target area that has a good reputation.  Then look, touch and get the feel for manufactured homes yourself. That’s what Alan Amy suggested in our video interview with him. Those who do will see what Mike Stone and so many others are talking about.

Today’s manufactured homes.  Stronger, smarter, safer, stylish and they give you major savings.  What else is there to say for today?  ##

L. A> ‘Tony’ Kovach addressing professionals at the New York Housing meeting, at the Turning Stone resort hotel, Verona, NY. Photo credit Mike Simon, NYHousing.


By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

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