Optimizing Your Space Tips 1 and 2

Millions live in a place where they want or need to optimize their space. This will be the first of a periodic series on how to make the most of the home space you have!


 Photos courtesy of Flickr – and Wikimedia – Creative Commons

Optimizing Your Space, Tip 1: Use bookshelves as dividers.


You can divide one room into two without making any structural changes by making use of a free-standing bookcase. At the same time, you are gaining added space for books, videos, CDs or for utilitarian, decorative and collectible items.


Optimizing Your Space, Tip 2: Create a multi-purpose (MP) room.


Even spaces as modest as 6′ x 9′ can be converted into a combination office, hobby, sewing and ironing room. Insider the cabinet, you can have a fold-down ironing board, work-top for sewing, handyman work station or more!

Take a fresh look at your space. A little creativity can make even a modest area go a long way.##

(Credits: Foremost’s Social Media, Flickr Creative Commons and WikiCommons)

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