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Rich, Poor or in between, Manufactured Homes Done Right Attracts Wall Street Journal, Cleveland-Pittsburgh Federal Reserve and Non-Profits attention


The Wall Street Journal recently covered the wide array of lifestyle options available to modern manufactured home owners from an upscale perspective, while officials from the Federal Reserve Bank and non-profit leaders focused on a different need for affordable manufactured housing. CFED – the not-for-profit Corporation for Enterprise Development – took a leadership role in organizing of conference with the …

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Then and Now – 1954 Spartan Mobile Home & 2014 Fairmont Manufactured Home – 60 Years of Progress Displayed at RV MH Hall of Fame, Elkhart, IN


On August 4, 2014 was the induction dinner for the most recent class for the RV MH Hall of Fame. The occasion brought some 444 professionals from the two ‘sister’ industries to celebrate the annual event. Insert shows the ‘class’ of 2014 ‘inductees’ to the RV MH Hall of Fame.  The induction dinner enjoyed a record attendance. ManufacturedHomeLivingNews took this …

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A Manufactured Home that could be “Net Zero” Energy Use within one year of operation


LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Photo credit Modular Lifestyles. The challenge to build proven “Net Zero” homes for the growing demand of home buyer prospects is ever growing for the home builders. The introduction of LEED, BuildItGreen and HERS raters creates the template but the actual guarantee sits with the contractor or factory home builder, …

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Enjoying a Comfortable Debt Free Lifestyle


There are surging numbers of Americans looking to live debt free or for substantially reduced monthly costs. The causes of this situation are many. Let’s start with some background before sharing a compelling solution available today for millions in the U.S.. Buccaneer Homes model on display at the Tunica MH trade show Incomes are Down. Pulitzer prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnston says …

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Congressional Staff Tours Indiana Manufactured Home builder Fairmont Homes’ Production Facility


The Indiana Manufactured Housing Association (IMHA) tells Manufactured Home Living News that staff members of 2nd Indiana District U. S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski toured the Fairmont Homes factory in Nappanee, IN earlier this month. Fairmont Homes donated this model home to the RV MH Hall of Fame, to see the model, click here. 2nd District Director Ben Falkowski and Field …

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How to Do a Damaged Wall Repair Yourself


Wall panels can be damaged in a variety of ways. Damage may include stains, holes or gouges. When the impacted area is small, you may be able to avoid replacing the whole wall. Manufactured homes have two general types of interior walls: VOG (Vinyl over Gypsum) or finished drywall. VOG is easy to clean and doesn’t require painting. We will …

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Optimizing Your Space Tips 1 and 2

Millions live in a place where they want or need to optimize their space. This will be the first of a periodic series on how to make the most of the home space you have!  Photos courtesy of Flickr – and Wikimedia – Creative Commons Optimizing Your Space, Tip 1: Use bookshelves as dividers. You can divide one room into …

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NBC News Today Show – Manufactured Home Performs better than Conventional Housing construction – in IBHS Hurricane Wind Tests


The recent NBC News Today Show segment broadcast Wednesday morning, 7.23.2014, created significant interest from across the U.S. and beyond about conventional housing construction vs. manufactured home (MH) performance in wind storms. The punch line could be the following quote:  “Regarding this previous portion of the test, IBHS indicated: “When one of these high wind-rated HUD-Code homes is installed on …

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Can you get a Two Level Manufactured Home? Adventure Homes says, “Yes, you can!”


Literally 99.999% of the U.S. has never been to an event like the 2014 Louisville Manufactured Home Show, for good reasons. These are “trade events,” organized solely for the thousands of professionals who come to tour the latest. The models are then bound for retail centers, developments and communities where the public can see them. So when our friends at …

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Radon: The Silent Danger in Many Houses

In January 2008, my husband and I were “this close” to purchasing our first home. After a couple of months of looking, we found a home that we loved, in a charming neighborhood and in our price range. It was missing only one thing from the checklist of amenities we wanted in our home (oh two stall garage, I still …

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NBC’s “Today Show” to feature Wind Tests with a Manufactured Home


ManufacturedHomeLivingNews has been told by informed sources that the NBC “Today Show” will air a special feature on a wind tests involving modern manufactured homes, which were conducted by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS). Image credit, IBHS The Manufactured Housing Institute was invited to be on hand for the test, but they stated they had no …

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A Zillow Misstatement, yet Savvy to Showcase $3.75 million Malibu Manufactured Home


Writers often enjoy spotlighting their wit and ability to turn a phrase; notably when a professional describes an interesting home. “Bohemian paradise” was a phrase used by Emily Heffter on Zillow’s blog to describe the $3.75 million manufactured home featured in posh Malibu, California. Indeed, it is paradise for a number of stars and celebrities, but these homes are not …

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Foremost Report: Manufactured Home Customer Survey and Market Facts


Foremost Insurance Company has sponsored corporate studies of the manufactured home market since 1979. In recent years, their report is updated every 4 years. The 16 page report attached began by collecting information on October 2 through October 18, 2012. Their survey includes responses from 10,002 respondents who are owners or residents of a manufactured home or a pre-HUD code …

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The “Tiny House” Movement

credit-tiny-house-nation-series-graphic-Wednesday-july-9-10et-11pt- (1)

We’ve been tracking the so-called “Tiny House Movement” for a few years now. FYI TV recently debuted a new TV show that features Tiny Homes, which are often less than 300-400 square feet. The concept is simple, make a tiny house that’s as space efficient as possible. De-cluter your life and you can live well for less, because you’re saving …

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CityScapes at the Mills of Carthage; Boston and other cities, are you Listening?

Recent positive stories in the mainstream media have brought more attention and interest in using modern manufactured homes in a metropolitan setting. This is already being done in other countries, and could just as easily be taking place here in the United States. More public officials and media professionals are beginning to grasp the modern realities versus the outdated myths …

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