Valencia Grove, Affordable Senior Living Project, Redlands, CA will be Modular

The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino and Perera Construction and Design, Inc. decided to ‘go Modular’ when they chose US Modular, Inc. as their Modular Installation Contractor for the 86 apartment senior living project in Redlands, CA.


The 105,317 square foot Affordable Senior Housing project will consist of 13 apartment buildings and a Community Center set on 11 acres of land formerly occupied by housing built in the 1940’s. The 173 modules, built off site by Clayton Homes, will be craned on to the foundations and site built garages installed by Perera Construction and US Modular, Inc.

The mix of 5 unit, 6 unit and 9 unit buildings will transform the landscape of concrete foundations to 2 and 3 story structures at the rate of 1 building every day to day and a half.


The use of Modular Construction will allow the apartments to be occupied months earlier than if they were built on site. When the modules arrive at the site, the interiors will be sheet-rocked and painted, the plumbing all installed and tested, the light fixtures installed and wired and the cabinets and appliances in place.

The connecting of the services between the modules and the minor finishing to cover the module to module marriage lines is a simple and quickly accomplished task.

Stephanie Burroughs, a spokesperson for US Modular Home Builders, Inc., said: “Our company is proud to be named as part of the team that includes the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino, Clayton Homes and Perera Construction and Design, Inc., for this groundbreaking project.”

The County of San Bernardino joins the growing list of owners, from Military housing in Texas and Washington to worker’s quarters in the rapidly expanding oil fields of North Dakota, that have recognized the benefits of Modular Construction for quality, speed, efficiency and green building practices. This will be the first 3 story multi-family housing projects in this region of the country and may serve as a beacon for many other projects to follow.

Because many are not familiar with modular construction, here below is a video of a completed home that was done by the same firm that the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino selected for this project.

In under 4 minutes, this video will let you see why more people are choosing the greener factory built home option today.##



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