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Loans – Financing – Mortgages for Manufactured, Modular and Mobile Homes


You’ve been thinking about the factory-crafted home option. You’ve done your research, and have learned their are differences between pre-HUD Code “trailer houses” and “mobile homes” vs. today’s manufactured homes and modular homes. You know that today’s factory-built homes rival or can even out-perform conventional houses in many ways, while saving you serious money. You are ready to get down …

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NIMBYism? Debunking Myths About Manufactured Home Communities (aka ‘Mobile Home Parks’)


”…the study finds no significant difference in population-weighted crime rates between blocks with mobile home communities and other types of residential blocks.” – – William P. McCarty, University of Illinois-Chicago “The government wants high quality, low cost housing and manufactured housing provides that product.” – – Warren Buffett Del Valle, Texas. Near the state capitol of Austin, TX is Del …

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The Aha! Moment – Entertainer’s Delight LifeStyle Model Home Video Tour


For skeptics who are still keeping an open mind, this home tour may just open your door. For those who are already convinced that the best value in housing today comes from greener, more precise and climate-controlled home building centers, this lifestyle home video tour will just add to the reasons for your well placed belief. In this episode of …

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Proud to be American, God Bless the USA, Lee Greenwood Music Video, Interview


There are reasons why people from around the globe want to come to America. Be they rich or poor, whatever their language or skin color, America is like a magnet that draws them. The ever-popular lyrics to the Lee Greenwood song, Proud to be an American, God Bless the USA and this music video captures some of those magentic attractions. …

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Bill Passes Congress Allowing Vouchers to Buy Manufactured Homes


“The Housing Opportunities Through Modernization Act (H.R. 3700) streamlines and reforms federal housing programs to cut costs, encourage work, reduce homelessness, improve families’ access to high-opportunity areas, and improve public housing residents’ quality of life.” – Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) Washington, DC July 14, 2016. The Senate has passed H. R. 3700, the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization …

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Educator, Builder Compare Conventional House to Residential Style Manufactured Home Living & Quality


“I think people would be amazed at the amenities in these places.” – – Carol Childs “These places are great. The way they build these houses, I couldn’t build them for the price they are building them.” – – Jim Childs Like millions of others, Jim and Carol Childs have earned their retirement. They owned a conventional house. But they …

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Double-Digit Manufactured Home Sales Growth, MHARR July 7 Report


Washington, D.C., July 7, 2016 – The Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) reports that according to official statistics compiled on behalf of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), manufactured home industry production grew again during May 2016. Just-released figures state that HUD Code manufactured home builders produced 6,780 homes in May 2016, a 16.9% increase …

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From the Halls of Montezuma – America, the Beautiful – Independence Day Reflections


“Superficiality is the curse of the modern world.” – Matthew Kelly We will take a look at freedom, prosperity and America. We won’t do it in the depth needed, but this will be more than a short or superficial read. On this 4th of July, let’s start with something almost everyone has heard or knows. O beautiful for spacious skies, For …

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Entry Level v Residential Style Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes and MH Appraisals – Tom Papszycki, Arrowhead Homes – Inside MH Video Interview


There are far too many preconceived and misconceived notions about manufactured and modular homes, and part of our mission is to shed light on specific issues that are often misunderstood by prospective home shoppers.  Its safe to say that most of America has never been in a manufactured home, even fewer have been in modular homes. Public officials and others …

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40th birthday of Manufactured Housing, End of Mobile Home era


Birth, Death, Resurrection of Affordable Living – Celebrating Factory Crafted Homes Lakeland, Fla. June 15, 1976 – Ever since the industrial revolution, factories have been a driving force in the economy — and in American culture. Factories meant jobs, and they also meant access to quality, affordable goods that were once out of reach for ordinary people: everything from cars …

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A Breakfast with…Mary McBrady, Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA)


1) Who, What and Where: (Your name, town and your formal title at Massachusetts Manufactured Housing  Association, MMHA). Mary McBrady, Executive Director of Massachusetts Manufactured Housing Association. I work out of my home office in this part-time contract position. MMHA maintains a post office box in Halifax, MA about 15 miles away. 2) Background: (Educational/Professional snapshot before entering the factory-built housing arena, …

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St. Petersburg, FL – Misjudging Mobile Homes – Tale of Two Cities


The much-maligned mobile home drew the typical response from a successful, retired northern couple. E. Jon and Pat Chione enjoyed a good life in highly taxed Illinois. He had a classic car, a classic boat and enjoyed racing, as well as bass flashing. Pat loves to decorate, shop and explore. A relative inherited a mobile home in Highland Mobile Park, …

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Media Should Re-Visit Dodd-Frank Reporting in Light of Congressional Testimony


Senators, CFPB Chief Richard Cordray Explain How Current Rules Harm  Manufactured Home Owners, Buyers, Sellers and Lenders in the Under-$100K Market For the past year or so, various media outlets have framed unflattering stories about manufactured housing around the premise that the industry’s lending practices unfairly gouge people of modest means, and that Dodd-Frank regulations have failed to protect them. …

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Modular Versus Manufactured Homes: Which Is Right for You?


A Primer on Factory-Built Housing Claus and Kathy are preparing to pull up stakes and start a new life in Florida. Married for 30 years, they’d like their fresh start to begin with their first custom-built home. There was a time when folks who wanted a brand new custom residence had only one option: Find a contractor and wait six …

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Walk Down Memory Lane: From Trailers and Mobile Homes to Early and Modern Manufactured Homes (Video)


With millions of Americans stuck in ever-rising rental rates, and skyrocketing conventional housing prices, the need for an appealing, safe and affordable option is clear — and the solution is hiding in plain sight. Perhaps 99 percent of all Americans are operating under a number of outdated and misinformed notions about factory-built homes. But that is about to change. Manufactured …

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