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Video Previews! Home Tours – Interviews – Drones – Tips – Tech – Talk – Inside MH!


As billions know, it can be easier to ‘show you’ than ‘tell you’ some things. We have so much coming up on Inside MH, that we decided to do a previews or ‘teaser’ video, which you’ll see below. MHLiving is about an appealing lifestyle option. As one couple recently said about their manufactured home (MH), the money saved on your …

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Dr. David Harnish, Superintendent, Martin Public Schools – Professional’s Interview Video – Inside MH


During our Inside MH Road Show trip to Martin, MI, we had the privilege of interviewing Dr. David Harnish, Superintendent of Martin Public Schools. This award-winning, recognized educator was brought to Martin to re-ignite their district’s education system. From what we heard, under his ‘servant leadership’ style, that school system is making big strides ahead. This new energy in a …

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Beauty + Strength! Donald Holland, Sunshine Homes Red Bay AL – Inside Manufactured Homes Video


People love living in an appealing, energy savings home. Once a home shopper sees the interiors of residential style manufactured homes – such as those built by Red Bay AL based Sunshine Homes – some wonder, how strong is this home? This video will answer that question in under 2 minutes. You can get a stylish home, with stunning designer …

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Impact of CFPB Loan Regulations on the lowest cost Manufactured and Mobile Home Owners


Sue Midgett is a retiree who loves her manufactured home (MH). As she says herself in this video, she wants others to have that opportunity because she’s personally enjoyed and has benefited from MH Living. After reading the article linked below on Washington DC’s respected The Hill – Capitol Blog… …Sue agreed to speak to us on-camera about her …

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Stan Dye talks Manufactured Home Lending and MH Site Preparation


We caught up with award winning industry veteran Stan Dye from Star Homes in Cullman, Alabama to cover a subjects of keen interest nationally to home shoppers. While this video touches on a number to topics, the two key areas of focus are manufactured home lending and manufactured home site preparation. Please keep in mind that we are speaking not …

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Do-It-Yourself Heat Tape Video! Prevent Winter Freeze Ups for Manufactured Homes and Houses over Crawl Spaces


As fall approaches, this is a great time of year to think about heat taping your manufactured home (built after June 15, 1976), a mobile home (built before June 15, 1976) or any age of the millions of conventional houses that are built over a crawl space. No one wants a winter freeze up on a water line! And while …

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Mary Zokoe talks Martin Motor Sports, Community Guidelines, More! Inside MH Road Show Video


Just off U.S. 131 is Martin MI. The race track on the opposite side of the superhighway has been there for some 50 years. The Martin schools now have a prominent, new, award winning leader, who will be featured in an upcoming video interview. And in the appealing, residential style manufactured home community of Dover Farms, where we interviewed a …

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Living Like Royalty for Less! Model Manufactured Home Tour at The Home Place, Warrior AL – Part 2


Willie Nelson said, it! We’re…“On the road again!”  This time, we’re in New England, and we’ll be bringing you videos and stories from this part of the U.S. soon. That said, today’s video takes us back to Warrior, Alabama.  You’ll check in on Joey Tidmore at The Home Place, talking about upscale, residential style Deer Valley Hombuilders manufactured homes that …

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Paul Simon, Singing Homeward Bound, Doing Good Work and MH


“I’m more interested in what I discover than what I invent.” – Paul Simon Simon and Garfunkel were different. They still are.  Some want to be different for its own sake, others are willing to be different because of something that moves them in a new direction. “All lies and jests, still a man hears what he wants to hear …

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Maintaining Quality and Strength While Saving Homebuyers Money – Inside MH Video with Mike Stone, part 2


Millions have misunderstandings about manufactured homes. Some are confused by the terminology, which a simple visual explanation of the evolution from ‘trailer house’ to ‘mobile home’ to today’s manufactured homes is linked here. Millions don’t realize that you can get incredible looks and quality in residential style manufactured homes (MH), that there are many models available besides an ‘entry level’ …

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Art Linkletter and Manufactured Housing today


Art Linkletter was a much beloved radio and TV personality, perhaps best known for the “House Party” show. Linkletter died in 2010 at the age of 97.  Years before, during the 1980s, Art Linkletter was hired by the Western States Manufactured Housing Association to do a campaign to better inform the public about the quality and appeal of manufactured homes …

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A Hunter and Native American Decorator’s Dream! John Howard’s Home, Inside MH Road Show Video


John and Sue Howard are another one of the many manufactured home residents that defy the conventional stereotypes.  John is a retired executive from the Pfizer pharmaceutical company.  Sue is retired from the U.S. Postal Service.  Together, they sold their fine, large conventional house on 10 acres, to move into the terrific 2400 square foot manufactured home you’ll see in …

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How a Manufactured-Modular Home Production Center Achieves Savings and Quality – Inside MH Video with Mike Stone


People who see, touch and feel today’s manufactured homes are often impressed.  Some will fall in love with the designer homes and easy-care lifestyles. But old myths and urban legends die harder for others.  There are common questions we get about manufactured homes (MH) from skeptics and as well as from those who are enthuisiastic.  One common question is on …

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Impressive! Report Points to Manufactured Home Quality and Satisfaction – What All Housing Shoppers Should Know


We all know that cheaper prices can mean cheaper quality. What this federally mandated study reported below demonstrates is that the low prices found on today’s manufactured homes (MH) results in amazingly few complaints. MH is the exception that proves the rule. The reason you can save on MH and still get quality and good looks is because the factory …

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Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY) CFO Steve Lawler-Inside Manufactured Housing Video & Home Tour


“As an industry, we represent all levels of home building,” said Steve Lawler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc. (DVLY). We spoke with Steve and his associate Chet Murhpree, General Manager of Deer Valley Homebuilders in a recent Inside MH Road Show to their production center in Guin, AL. What Steve meant by his statement quoted above …

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