Manufactured Home Videos

Video – Inside MH with John and Pam Bostick – President and CEO of Sunshine Homes, Manufactured and Modular Home Builder – Red Bay, AL


Before we share the Inside MH Video interview with Sunshine Homes Inc. President, John and his wife Pam Bostick, we first wanted to show you the home that we did the digital filming in. That’s the first video you see below. Many people are looking for multi-sectionals, like the stylish, quality one above. As a quick note, when you watched …

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Video – Senior Service Tech Jon Johnson Compares Apartments, Houses to modern Manufactured Homes


Tens of millions of Americans follow a life-path that includes starting-out or re-aligning with apartment living.  When their time comes to decide – “what’s next?” – that’s when the choice or comparison between a manufactured home and other housing options comes into play.  That’s one of many reasons we were so pleased to do this interview with Jon and Amy …

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Mayor Phil Segraves talks Growth, Business, Development and Today’s Manufactured Housing found in Guin, AL based Deer Valley Homebuilders

Thousands are leaving larger cities and suburbs for smaller towns, seeking that “better quality of life.” A Pew research report mentioned in this video tells us that smaller towns – the exurbs – are growing again. Towns and cities across America want ‘smart growth.’   So in this exclusive video interview with Mayor Phil Segraves of Guin, AL you’ll hear …

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Authentic! Fisherman Dave Cavinder – Catching Fish and the Community Lifestyle at New Durham Estates, Westville IN – Inside MH Video Interview


One key to the powerful insights of doing Inside MH Road Show video interviews like this one is that you can spot what is real so quickly. Fisherman Dave Cavinder is the real deal. He is earthy, no pretense, authentic! There will be some things that will be a bit salty, so mom/dad, if you want to keep just a …

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The Hybrid Core – A Different Style Factory Home-Building Process


We haven’t done a West Coast story for a while, so when this item came across my desk, we knew we wanted to jump on it and share it with our readers. Manufactured homes have been rising rapidly in California, among other states. But there are other kinds of factory-based home building processes. It is a good idea to review …

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Dennis Raper – Wood Working Artist at Sunshine Homes – Chain Saw Artist video interview


Millions are ‘into’ various kinds of art. One emerging art form is chain saw art, and when we were recently at Sunshine Homes in Red Bay, Alabama, we caught up with craftsman Dennis Raper who showed us examples of his work.     Dennis is a supervisor at the plant.  From people in the production center, to office team members, …

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House Inspector Tim Bunch – Comparing Conventional and Manufactured Homes – Inside MH Road Show Video


Tim Bunch has inspected not dozens or even hundreds of houses over the years. He has inspected thousands. He has been elected the head of the house inspectors association in his state. That should qualify him as an expert in most people’s minds. So it is with particular interest that we at MHLivingNews met with Tim to do this in-depth …

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Compare! Tiny Houses, Conventional, Modular and Manufactured Homes – Wally Comer, Rich Rice Inside MH with Adventure Homes


At the end of the day, it’s about making comparisons.  You or those you work with, know or love ought to make your next housing decision based on facts, not opinions. You ought to take the same kind of time to truly understand that next housing choice as you would to decide which doctor you want to do surgery on …

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She Black, He’s White, They’re in Different Parties. Why Congressional Representatives Terri Sewell and Andy Barr Support Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing


She’s a black Democrat from the deep South. He’s a white Republican from the Blue Grass state. They may seem to come from different places and viewpoints, but what brings them together is the clear understanding that manufactured homes are of vital importance to the citizens of their districts. For the sake of current manufactured home owners and those housing …

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Manufactured Home Quality Control – Inside MH with Brent Bolding at Sunshine Homes

We all love to see a great looking home! This article and the videos will show you appealing homes. The first video will share an Inside MH Road Show  look at how those great homes achieved such a high level of quality. Let’s start this article differently than many others. We talk about quality and durability in manufactured housing, but …

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A Culture of Customizable Quality Home-Building – Adventure’s Manufactured Home Production Center Part 2 – Inside MH Road Show


In Part 1 of our Inside MH video profile and tour of manufactured and modular home builder Adventure Homes, we heard Wally Comer and Rich Rice talk about “the concert” style coordination found in factory home-building.   In Part Two of this video, you’ll see the culture of craftsmanship developed among team members that results in their ability to produce a …

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Evolutionary! From Trailer House, to Mobile Home to today’s Manufactured Homes


This evolutionary article will make the point in less than 250 words. Would you call an old crank-style wall phone a modern smart-phone? They’re both phones, but the technology and quality then and now are so different! Yet millions today make that kind of mistake about the trailer houses and mobile homes of yesteryear and today’s manufactured homes. Above is …

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From Entry Level to Elegant – Inside Look at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show


Given its 50+ year history, the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show has been called the ‘grand daddy’ of all the trade shows that serve manufactured home business owners, managers and professionals. For years, there has been a debate on the show being kept exclusively as a professional event (meaning, closed to to public) or opening it up on the weekend following …

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“The Manufactured Home Concert!” Wally Comer, Rich Rice – Adventure Homes Production Center – Inside MH Road Show Video


Yours truly has been in and around manufactured housing (MH) since the 1980s, which is why I know the questions to ask home owners, or a factory builder, an MH Retailer or MH Community manager. That said, every time we do one of these Inside MH Road Show  videos, one learns or re-learns something interesting! I’ve been in a factory …

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Dr. Clivetty & Frank Martinez Home, Dover Farms, Martin, Michigan – Inside MH Video Interview and Home Tour


Sometimes, less is more when ‘teeing up’ a video interview. This is one of those times when I want to get you into their power-packed video as rapidly as possible. Dr Clivetty and Frank Martinez shed light on why thousands of ‘upscale’ home buyers are turning to manufactured homes (MH), and often to those in land-lease MH Communities. The Martinez …

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