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From Mobile Home to Townhouse to Manufactured Home – Sue Midgett – Inside MH Video


Some stories just have to be heard for us to connect with them, so we’ll let the video below tell you an intriguing part of Sue’s family story. As you’ll see, Sue Midgett lives in Westville, IN at New Durham Estates. Sue was one of the wide variety of manufactured home owners and professionals we interviewed the week we recently …

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Alan Amy – Louisiana Manufactured Homes – Inside MH Video Home Tour & Interview


Imagine getting a quality, appealing new home for “half price.” Well, no need to day dream or pretend — because you can when the eyes are opened to the beautiful, modern, energy-saving factory-crafted home option! We caught up with Alan Amy from Opelousas, LA at the 2015 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show to get his take on the modern world of …

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Chet Murphree, James McGee – Deer Valley Homebuilders – Inside MH Video

Manufactured and modular home trade shows are designed for housing industry professionals. The Louisville and Tunica manufactured housing shows aren’t open to the general population. To better serve the public, we like going to those shows, catch some of the top management and interview them in one or more of their model homes. We can thus bring you an “Inside …

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VOG – What? Why? Plus New Manufactured Home Resident’s Video Story


Some years back, Arby’s began a campaign that touted the idea that “Different is Good.” In fact, different can be good, bad or neutral. So let’s see what the 411 is on VOG use in manufactured homes – which certainly is ‘different’ – and why it can be good for millions of home buyers and already is for many home …

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From Florida to Northwest Pride – Video Views of Modern Manufactured Homes


Manufactured Home Living News is far from alone in producing videos focused on the MH Lifestyle. Companies, individuals and MH Associations are among the many which have also provided video insights and commentary that promote a better understanding of this contemporary, eco-friendly, quality, affordable living option. We’ll share two different videos in this article, the second one from Florida the …

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Jim Clayton – founder of Clayton Homes and Clayton Bank – Inside MH Video Interview

Jim-Clayton- Clayton-Bank- Clayton-homes-25

It isn’t very often that one gets a chance to sit down with a billionaire that founded the largest manufactured home enterprise in the nation for a video interview. So we were certainly very pleased to be able to do exactly that at the recent Louisville MH Show, in our video interview with RV MH Hall of Fame inductee, Mr. …

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Touring a Manufactured Home Model Home Village and Design Center – Inside MH Video


Since most Americans have never been in a modern manufactured home (MH), it seems obvious than even fewer have been to a sharp MH Model Home Village and Design Center. So as part of our recent Inside MH Road Trip through Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, we stopped at a brand new sales center located south of Pittsburgh, PA. The Utica …

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Builder Wayne Hopper Compares Modern Manufactured Homes with Conventional Construction – Inside MH Video


In the first leg of a recent swing through the Midwest to explore the modern world of manufactured homes (MH), we traveled with our videographer to Westville, IN. Among the locals we interviewed there was Wayne Hopper, who has been a builder and contractor for many years. While I certainly have questions in mind when we begin an interview, frankly, …

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New Homes for Millennials – Boomers – Inside MH Video – Terry Decio, Skyline Homes


We caught up with Terry Decio of Skyline Homes in Louisville, KY.  Terry grew up in this industry and comes from legendary stock. Art Decio – who was on the cover of Time Magazine – among numerous other ‘positive media’ attractions. Art would be pleased to see his son Terry and the corporate team re-positioning Skyline to meet the quality, …

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Bill Matchneer, retired Federal official, talks about Modern Manufactured Homes – Inside MH Exclusive Video Interview


Bill Matchneer, JD, is no stranger to manufactured housing. In his own words, Bill was the “Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Manufactured Housing at HUD. I manage the Office of Manufactured Housing Programs which is responsible for the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, the Model Manufactured Home Installation Standards and the Manufactured Home …

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An Inside Look at Manufactured Home Living – a Builder’s and Home Owners’ Viewpoints


We began sharing a periodic series of video interviews that we filmed in Ohio last year with manufactured home owners and housing professionals. We will soon be sharing other video interviews with experts, professionals and more home owners. That said, there are good reasons why we initially selected this part of the country to do these first videos. Among those …

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Manufactured Home Community Living Video


The idea of land lease is almost as old as the idea of land ownership. Farmers, businesses, office buildings, shopping centers and conventional construction may be built on land that is leased. The same is true for manufactured homes, which can be built on “fee simple” or land that is owned, as well as on land that is leased from …

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The River Walk, San Antonio Texas, US Destinations


Looking for a new place to visit? Texas is the the second largest state in the union, has a good economy, is #1 in manufactured housing sales nationally and has hundreds of attractions. The River Walk is ranked by many as the #1 most popular place to visit in the Lone Star state. Let’s see why as we take a …

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The Shedd Aquarium, Museum Campus, Chicago, Illinois, USA Destinations


The Shedd Aquarium is one of the top rated destinations in Chicagoland. On our recent July outing there, the temps were cool outside; it was also ‘cool’ in the acres of amazement under roof inside! Before we entered, we encountered a peaceful protest group. Without taking sides on their issue, one must observe that it was obvious from taking part …

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What’s in a Name? The CuBe Home!


Cell phones, TVs, computers and a host of other products and styles have changed significantly in the last 10 years. We will take a look at what could be the next trend in quality, affordable new home living, what one company has named “The CuBe Home!”  They created a short video that targeted a ‘hip’ or ready to accept new …

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