Mobile and Manufactured Homes – NFPA Report highlights Fire Facts and Myths


I’m sure you have heard the myth that manufactured homes are more prone to fires and cause more deaths and injuries than fires associated with traditional “site built” homes. While pre-HUD Code “mobile homes” did have such a reputation, it is a myth that it applies for modern manufactured homes. It may come as a shock, but today’s modern manufactured …

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Video tour with one of Southern California’s largest Manufactured Home retailers


As with conventional housing, manufactured homes can vary in style and price according to the state and market. California, like much of the U.S., has been through a lot during the mortgage/housing crunch that hit during 2008. Since then, manufactured homes have jumped back in that state and most of the nation. California is once more one of the top …

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Winterizing Your Manufactured Home and Save


Any home built over a crawl space should have it’s pipe’s prepared for winter and freezing weather. This is true for conventional housing built over a crawl space, as well as modular construction, as well as modern manufactured homes or pre-federal HUD code “mobile homes.” Photo credit: Stas Habella FlickrCreativeCommons Winterizing a home saves on utilities as well as on …

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Three New Members Elected to RV/MH Heritage Foundation’s 2015 Board of Directors

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At its recent RV/MH Heritage Foundation board meeting, Darryl Searer was re-elected treasurer and also elected chairman of the board.  Searer also serves as president. In addition, the board elected three new members to the board of directors and also elected its executive committee, according to Searer, president.  (* Asterisk indicates members on the board’s executive committee.) The new board …

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Swedish Prefab Happy Cheap House High by U.S. standards, but affordable for their nation


Affordability means different things for different people. Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey believed his million plus manufactured home was a bargain compared to far higher prices in post Malibu, California. Similarly, in Sweden, where Global Property Guide tells MHLivingNews that the average cost per square meter (equal to 10.7639 U.S. square feet) is 6,991 euros ($8670.76 US) or $805.54 per …

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Caravan – British Manufactured Homes – 420 sq feet, sleeps 10!


Designed by ABI in East Yorkshire, England, the Concept Van features moveable walls, a cinema, a ten-seat dining table and beds to sleep ten people, according to what The Daily Mail  tells MHLivingNews.   The 30 foot by 13 foot manufactured home – called a “Caravan” in the United Kingdom – prototype has beds that fold up into the walls, kitchen work-tops hidden …

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Has the CFPB gone too far on mortgage rules? Prior Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke can’t get refinanced! (Videos & Graphics)


Ben Bernanke was the 14th Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, the “central bank” in the U.S.. He is no stranger to government, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and no enemy of government regulation. He’s been one of the most powerful figures on our economy. So it was more than ironic when this Bernanke – who reportedly makes $200,000 …

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A Golden West Model for the West Coast and Pacific Northwest


Millions of Americans are living happily in manufactured homes for lower costs and lower payments; that’s what federal standards, university studies or a recent report by a major insurance company suggest. The independent IBHS hurricane wind test of a conventionally ‘on site-built’ house that failed (see video, linked here) – when subjected to the same high wind conditions that the …

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GlobalNews Spotlights Tiny Houses, Sparking Questions for Manufactured and Modular Home Consumers and Industry


The Tiny House movement has been making the news for some years, and the Tiny House Nation TV series has been picked up for a second season. These micro-dwellings are seen as “trendy.” While millions believe they would never consider a housing unit so small, the fact that it’s catching attention with millennials and down-sizers alone makes it something to …

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Video tour of Adventure Homes, Sahara Series model 0603 Modular home


Garrett, Indiana based Adventure Homes builds energy-saving factory-crafted homes destined for permanent installation in about 22 states in the U.S., and they can build homes for locations in Canada as well. MHLivingNews  learned that Adventure’s floor plans can often be built to either Modular or Manufactured Home codes. Video and stills are courtesy of ManufacturedHomes.com and MHProNews.com As regular MHLivingNews.com …

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Comes the Quality, Affordable New Home Revolution! Progressing One Step at a Time…


America’s unique solution to the challenge of high quality affordable new housing is the single section manufactured home. These excellent homes should be, by conventional construction logic, premium priced! The nation’s best solution for affordable housing is also its least expensive. It takes a while for that fundamental truth to be recognized, because it defies housing tradition. Suppose you are …

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Award Winning Manufactured Home Design under 1800 square feet


xMMKOVnqPWAKJTLv Every year the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) at their annual “Congress and Expo” event announces the award winners for a variety of categories. This year’s winner for a new home design in a manufactured home under 1800 square feet was CMH. The photo spread below are courtesy of MHI. You’ll notice details such as high ceilings, crown molding and …

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A Home Is…


Your Home Is… “Home is where your story begins.” – Annie Danielson said. “A home is a home,” Next Step’s President and CEO, Stacey Epperson states. “To call it anything else, is simply wrong.” “Most men appear never to have considered what a house is, and are actually though needlessly poor all their lives because they think that they must have …

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You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!


Crunch, crunch, crunch. At minus 20 degrees, it sounded like walking on walnut shells as I took tentative steps into a nice 8 X 40 manufactured home in Fairbanks, Alaska. They were generally called trailers in those days when I was a young draftee, trying to find a home so I could afford to bring my wife north. “Those tiles …

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Price vs. Payment – CNBC’s Diana Olick Spotlights Rates and Housing Affordability


CNBC’s Diana Olick was part of an interesting discussion on the relationship of housing pricing, interest rates, access to credit and how they intersect in home buying affordability. “There has long been a saying in the real estate market,” Okick says, “that potential homebuyers don’t buy according to the home price or the mortgage rate. Instead, “they buy the monthly …

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