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Regional news reported the $500 million (half-a-billion) dollar offer by an unnamed developer to purchase the Briny Breezes resident owned community. Briny Breezes, Inc. is an oceanfront and intercoastal waterway facing development featuring pre-HUD Code mobile homes and some manufactured homes located near Boyton Beach, FL. South of West Palm Beach and north of Delray Beach, Gulf Stream, and Boca Raton, the often-smaller dwellings may be a mere few hundred square feet with one bedroom and one bath. Some are over 1,000 square feet and have two bedrooms and baths. Each resident-owner has shares in the property. The Briny Breezes Inc. community is legally its own town with its own mayor and commons facilities. The 1/2-billion-dollar offer was reportedly structured so that Briny Breezes residents closer to the ocean or with an intercoastal dock slip would have been compensated more than those off the water. According to NBC affiliate WPTV, the offer “averaged” over $1 million dollars per homeowner/shareholder.  According to a local source who asserts knowledge, since WPTV’s report, residents have declined that $500,000,000 offer.




Another local has claimed in the video posted below that Briny Breezes residents average more millionaires than anywhere in the U.S.A. While that seems like a questionable claim, given that some high rises in New York City have scores of millionaires and billionaires as their residents, it nevertheless makes the point that affluent people from a variety of backgrounds own and live, part time or full time, in a mobile home or manufactured home in this sunny town in the Governor Ron DeSantis led no state income tax “free state of Florida.”


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MHLivingNews strives to convey the terminology and other facts correctly when it comes to mobile and manufactured homes. Homes of this type built before June 15, 1976 are properly and legally called “mobile homes.” A spot check on Zillow of several dwellings revealed that every one of those for sale listings at Briny Breezes were pre-HUD Code mobile homes. Other visual evidence indicates that some of the older mobile home(s) have been replaced by a post-HUD Code manufactured home. But even the mobile homes reflected telltale signs of updates that had occurred. The residences might be modest in size, yet they are stylish and are the landing pad for a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle.



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The Briny Breezes website explains the history and features of their community. That website reported a recent special board meeting on 4.19.2023 without publicly disclosing the outcome of the vote for that reported $500 million offer.


QuoteMarksLeftSideMHLivingNewsNo, the owners have not accepted the offer that came unsolicited from a local company called the Kolter Group according to reliable sources. The board voted not to send out the offer for a voteJamesArenaRealEstateBrokerArenaRealEstateLogoInvestmentsMHLivingNews and they declined to counter the offer due to the overwhelming number of shareholders that spoke up expressing their concerns at a meeting called by the board of directors for transparency. As a licensed Real Estate Broker that lives full time in Briny, born and raised in the same zip code, I recommended we use their offer for toilet paper. The shareholders of Briny Breezes laughed hysterically at the terms this group presented during the meeting, where we all discussed the offer and made comments.

The shareholders of Briny Breezes will dictate the terms of a sale, if we ever decide to sell and if we are placed on the open market FOR SALE. Developers from all over the world would be rushing to give the shareholders exactly what they want. That’s my opinion and any would-be buyer that thinks they are gonna Bamboozle the shareholders of Briny Breezes like they did in 2006 is sadly mistaken and I think we made that message crystal clear to this buyer on the international stage.

There is no place like Briny, 43 acres, ocean to intercoastal in Palm Beach County Florida and ownership of the Town of Briny Breezes is something the shareholders of Briny cherish. There are no comparables and we are the last old Florida town proudly still standing in our area.

If President Donald Trump was interested in building his library in Palm Beach County, Briny Breezes would be a perfect location. I believe the shareholders would entertain the opportunity to cement this town in the history books forever and they may be inclined to turn Briny Breezes into the first Presidential Township in America for the 45th President for the right number and the right terms. I produced a documentary called Trump Town USA, you may be interested in watching?



However, the shareholders may also be inclined to live in Briny Breezes forever and never sell. One thing is for sure, the shareholders of Briny Breezes Inc. will decide the terms and conditions of any sale if we ever decide to sell.”

Based on those emailed remarks from Arena, and with no apparent local news contradicting those statements, it seems that the saga of Briny Breezes will continue.

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BrinyBreezesIncFLCollageWithBrinyBreezesIncWebsiteandAlinaPhotoCollageScreenshot 2023-04-23 081951MHLivingNews

What are some of the takeaways from their example?

In no particular order of importance are the following facts, insights, and ponderable notions.

  • Briny Breezes has some points in common with tony Montauk Shores, another mobile and manufactured home community which recently made the news once again. Millionaires and some billionaires live in Montauk Shores.
  • Perhaps even more posh is a mobile and manufactured home community on the Pacific Coast overlooking the beaches in Malibu. Paradise Cove manufactured home community boasts often larger and highly customized dwellings in a location that has multimillion dollar price tags on homes owned by the “rich and frugal” that includes some owned by Hollywood stars and other wealthy residents.
  • Each of these examples illustrate the real estate mantra of “location, location, location.” A prime spot will increase the valuation of two hypothetically identical dwellings.
  • Some form of cooperative or ‘condo style’ resident ownership can have advantages for the residents in terms of protecting their dwelling’s value.
  • While not explicitly stated, the emailed remarks above and the reported turn-down of the offer of $500 million dollars reflect the pride of ownership of those residents. Such pride of ownership is understandable. They have an appealing lifestyle in a prime location that beats nearby condos or other kinds of housing in affordability, privacy, and yet still provides a similar or even superior quality lifestyle.
  • Given the affordable housing crisis, it is surprising to some who discover the facts and realities of modern manufactured home living that there aren’t millions of more of these homes sold. The reasons for that often come down to private interests by deep pocketed corporations and local zoning. To learn more about such issues, see the linked reports or surf this site.

Someone doesn’t have to live on an intercoastal waterway or a property with a fine beach and ocean views to have a desirable home. Millionaires such as Kid Rock – an obviously pro-Trump performer – own a manufactured home on private property in the American heartland. Elvis Presley owned several mobile homes, including one that had a gold-plated tub and sink.

People from a wider range of professions, age groups, and incomes own a mobile or manufactured home – more so than is commonly believed. Perhaps the most obvious solution and proven solution to the affordable housing crisis is hiding in plain sight. Clearly, dozens of those homes in Briny Breezes are over 50 years old and may look better today than they did when they were first installed there. Their reportedly turning down a half-billion-dollar offer provide this opportunity for keen insights into the often overlooked truths about mobile and manufactured home living. ##


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