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Chief Economist of Pantheon Macroeconomics, Ian Shepherdson, Sounds Alarms on Growing Conventional Housing Market Problems; Silver Lining Found in Correct Manufactured Home Living Options


The following report that cites sIan Shepherdson, chief economist of Pantheon Macroeconomics, is provided to MHLivingNews by the WND NewsCenter and the Daily Caller News Foundation. It is followed by additional information that is mobile and manufactured home living focused, with related resources, analysis and commentary in brief.   WND MONEY Housing market is about to plunge off a cliff, …

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Controversial Former U.S. Rep & Ex-Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard (HI-D)-What Key Dems Recently Said, Why it Matters to Affordable Housing Seekers and Manufactured Homeowners


“People before politics. Country before party. Peace, prosperity, security and freedom.” So says Tulsi Gabbard’s slogans on her Substack page under the photo shown below. There has been pushback against former Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard from the left and right before and since her announced departure from the Democratic Party. Some are cheering while others are jeering. Gabbard served …

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Affordable Housing, Conventional Housing, Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, and Modular Housing Conundrum – What U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Research Revealed


“The first step in solving a problem is to recognize that it [the problem] does exist.” Zig Ziglar, per Brainy Quote. When it comes to the affordable housing crisis, over thirteen months ago a seminal report was published on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Policy Development and Research (PD&R) website. Mainstream media largely missed it, yet …

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Attorney General Wm Tong, ‘It’s Criminal and It’s Elder Abuse,’ Sun Communities in Latest Private Equity MHVille Drama Involving Major Manufactured Housing Institute Member – Facts Analysis


Connecticut (CT) Attorney General William Tong vowed on Thursday, 9.28.2022, to fight for residents of a local manufactured home community owned by prominent Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member Sun Communities. Tong said residents their “are being abused by the property owner,” per Our Community Now (OCN) and the Middletown Press. CT Attorney General: “I will fight” for Beechwood mobile home …

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‘Road to Hell for America’ JP Morgan Chase’s Jaime Dimon – What’s Necessary for Protecting Affordable Housing – What to Know as 2022 Midterm Early Voting Starts


“We finance Americans’ ambitions with loans for homes, autos, and growing a small business, and provide valuable products and services to more than half of American households.” So said JPMorgan Chase’s CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon in recent testimony to Congress. During a Congressional hearing, Representative Rashida Tlaib (MI-Democrat) asked: “Please answer with a simple yes or no, does your …

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Just the Facts – Latest New Manufactured Home Sales, Production, and Shipment Data Nationally and State-by-State – Reported in September 2022 for July 2022 Data and Trends


While mainstream conventional housing sales have been sliding in recent months, modern HUD Code manufactured home sales in the latest September report on official July 2022 data continue to reflect a year-over-year increase in production and shipments. Obviously, production/shipments of new manufactured homes are based on demand and the actual or anticipated retail sales volumes that retailers, developers, or community …

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Consider Surprising 9.11 Conspiracy Theories on Anniversary of the Attack on the Twin Towers, Why Principles Matter to Affordable Housing Seekers – ‘Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste’


When millions of people distrust their own government, it is no surprise that conspiracy theories arise that seek to explain certain events. Such is the case with “9/11” – which has several variations of skepticism or doubt about the official account of what took place on that fateful day when two hijacked jets struck the Twin Towers in New York …

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‘Debunking Manufactured Housing Myths – Get the Facts,’ Says Mortgage Giant Freddie Mac’s Research – FHLMC Counters, Clarifies Claims About Trailer Houses, Mobile Homes, and Tiny Houses


“Debunking Manufactured Housing Myths – Get the Facts” is the title of a research report provided below by conventional housing mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Before diving into their statements, sources, and findings some context is useful for new and returning readers. For years, a decade to be more precise, Manufactured Home Living News ( has highlighted the facts that debunk …

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Build Back Better Power Grab? Gatestone Institute Report Claims Big Lie Harming Those It Falsely Claims to Help – Affordable Housing, Food, Fuel and Other Harms


“As a result of western governments’ taking collective action under the auspices of a ‘climate change’ agenda, we are on the cusp of something happening with ramifications that no one has ever seen before,” said Sundance per the popular ZeroHedge news, finance, and investing site.  “Western governments’, specifically western Europe, North America (U.S-Canada) and Australia/New Zealand, are intentionally trying to …

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‘Sitting on a Time Bomb’ – Ariana Figueroa Explains Risks to Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Community Residents ‘In Red-Hot Housing Market’ – Facts and Analysis


Prior to diving into Ariana Figuero’s insightful report on how mobile and manufactured home residents are “sitting on a time bomb,” let’s be clear. There are two facers and bad actors in pretty much any walk of life one cares to mention. So, it should be no surprise that those who communicate in a different fashion than their behavior occurs …

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DOJ-CFPB-Record Racial Discrimination-Redlining Case Settled by Warren Buffett-Led Berkshire Hathaway Owned Lender – Clayton Homes and Their Affiliated Lending Named by Seattle Times – Conventional and Manufactured Housing Claims


Clayton Homes and their lending practices is mentioned by the Seattle Times in their Associated Press (AP) news report about another Berkshire Hathaway mortgage brand that the Department of Justice described as a ‘record settlement’ for ‘racially discriminatory’ ‘redlining’ in several states by another Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) owned HomeServices financing brand, Trident Mortgage Company. Are these similar claims in conventional …

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Unpacking Clayton Homes Linked Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Fraud and RICO Case US District Court Southern District of Texas Corpus Christi Division Case NO. C-09-312


Before digging into insights from the Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., Plaintiff, vs. Cesar Flores, et al, Defendants Case NO. C-09-312, the following background is useful. Since shortly after publishing the Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews) report on “The Case Against Clayton Homes” on 5.28.2020, that report has had hundreds of thousands of hits from readers, and has routinely been …

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MHARR Warns Affordable Housing and Manufactured Home Consumers, Professionals Alert on DOE Manufactured Housing Energy Rule Woes They Assert Are Connected to Manufactured Housing Institute


As part of the featured image for this report by Now Earth reflects, the number of misleading headlines and reports surrounding the Department of Energy (DOE) manufactured housing energy rule are numerous. Since June 15, 1976 all HUD Code manufactured homes had to meet specific energy standards. Those standard demonstrably saved consumers money, especially when compared with pre-HUD Code mobile …

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‘Inside a TikTok-famous luxury trailer home featuring an office, a laundry room, a 6-seat couch, and a fireplace’–Study Insider-Yahoo News Glory Lautner’s TikTok Manufactured Home Living Video


“Glory Lautner, a TikToker, wanted to challenge preconceptions about what living in a trailer [sic] is really like,” wrote Charissa Cheong for an Insider article republished by Yahoo News on Independence Day, 7.4.2022. While the terminology used by Lautner (trailer, mobile home) should not be used to describe her manufactured home, as the report linked here explains, it is common. …

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New Freddie Mac Research Brief Says Majority of Consumers Would Consider Purchasing a Manufactured Home Most Have Good Perception of Manufactured Housing – Facts & Analysis


Freddie Mac released a research brief on June 29, 2022 on Manufactured Housing. That brief was provided to MHLivingNews and others in media and its key findings are found below. Their report will be followed by other information from mainstream news and other sources. Research Brief | June 29, 2022 Majority of Consumers Say They Would Consider Purchasing a Manufactured …

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