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“Machine of Human Suffering”-Berkshire Hathaway’s Clayton Homes, Manufactured Housing Institute Attorneys Response to Allegations “Felony” Abuses – Knudson Law Legal Report by Sam Strommen


When housing is in high demand with limited supply, a natural result is that condition pushes prices up. The reverse is true too. When demand is low and supply is ample, then resale prices are lower. These facts matter to an estimated 22 million mobile and manufactured home residents, but also to other affordable housing seekers – namely, the 111 …

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Mobile Homeowner’s Religious Liberty Issue in BTP Manufactured Home Community Has National Significance – Senior Millie Francis and Our Lady of Guadalupe Painting


For all of humanity’s vaunted technological progress, there are obviously several things beyond mankind’s grasp to stop. Winds and heavy rains are among them. On occasion, even a seemingly modest weather event occurs that has ripples beyond the climatic incident. The latest twist in the saga about mobile homeowner Millie Francis and her professionally commissioned painting of Our Lady of …

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Kid Rock, Famous Manufactured Homeowner and President Trump Supporter Rips “Far Left Socialist Liberals and Media”

Multimillionaire performer Kid Rock has been featured several times on MHLivingNews. He defies the stereotypes about our homes and other mistaken notions too. His given name is “Robert James Ritchie, better known as Kid Rock and occasionally Bobby Shazam,” says Wikipedia. The video below features his manufactured home in his hit single, Podunk. It also shows Bobby’s Rolls Royce and …

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“Thou Shall Not Steal,” “Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness” – Home Ownership, Other Rights Under Assault – Renters Are Being Denied Legal Rights Too


“You shall not steal.” – Exodus 20:15.  “You shall not bear false witness…” – Exodus 20:16 Those quotes are from “the Torah” or Hebrew Scriptures are the voice of God speaking to Moses. The Hebrew Scriptures are often referred to by Christian believers as the “Old Testament.” Meaning, both Christians and Jews share those texts as inspired by God. In …

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Newly Elected WV Lawmaker Derrick Evans Arrested in Manufactured Home by FBI in U.S. Capitol Breech, Video, Statements


It is a truism that the many should never be defined by the few. Nor should purportedly errant actions by supporters define this or that professional, political, spiritual or other leader. When some 22 million people have embraced the mobile and manufactured home lifestyle, it is obviously part of the fabric of American life. People living in or otherwise engaged …

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The Oath, The Pledge, and Defending the American Dream of Home Ownership


My name is Soheyla Kovach, and I became a U.S. citizen in 2019. I have spent about half my time in the U.S. living in modern manufactured homes, and the other half living in conventionally constructed housing. I left my homeland, which I loved and still love, over 15 years ago looking for a better way of life here in …

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Magyar Szabadság Kör – Christmas Reflections on Faith, Family, Flag, Friendship and Freedom


The pandemic has impacted the monthly gathering of the Magyar Szabadság Kör in Plant City, FL. The Hungarian Liberty Club is a celebration of the cultural, culinary, spiritual, and political values that make the Magyar (Hungarian) people unique. Food, drink, prayer, anthems, music, dancing, and conversations abound. “Isten, add meg a Magyart,”  or ‘God, save the Magyars (Hungarians)’ is a prayer …

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Late Christmas Present for Billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, George Soros, & Their Candidates Joe Biden, Kamala Harris – From President Donald Trump

LateChristmasPresentBillionairesBill GatesWarrenBuffettMarkZuckerbergJeffBezosGeorgeSorosTheirCandidatesJoeBidenKamalaHarrisFromPresidentDonaldTrump

Not every surprise or “present” is the kind placed with gift wrapping under a proverbial Christmas tree. In a year that began with a robust economy with record incomes and employment for millions, it is sadly finishing with millions out of work. At this time last year, perhaps 99.9 percent of Americans did not know what COVID-19 was, even as …

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The Rodney Dangerfield of Affordable Housing – Mobile Homes and Manufactured Housing (Satirical)


How do you know you have found the Rodney Dangerfield of affordable housing? Simple. It is when your kind of housing does not get its proper respect.     One recent example of that improper respect is when a local news channel – sincerely trying to give manufactured homes a complement – can not seem to keep their video camera …

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“Fake News” & “Yellow Journalism” – Powerful Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Living Insights


In my junior high school civics class, I don’t recall a single time that we ever heard the term “fake news.” That phrase is a relatively new phenomenon. What we did get some insights on was the historic period that featured “yellow journalism.” Yellow journalism was agenda-driven news. It’s defined below. By the mid-20th century, journalism was increasingly taught to …

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Kingsley Management Corp, Provo, Utah & Maplewood Estates Manufactured Home Community in Omaha, Nebraska – Consumer Alert – Resident Outrage Against Kingsley “Mobile Home Parks”-Targeted by Multiple State Attorney General, Media Investigations


Preface. From the New York Times to local ABC 6/WOWT, reports about aggressive, problematic behavior, including threats of eviction for ‘rules infractions’ have been coming in with respect to Provo, Utah based Kingsley Management Corporation owned Maplewood Estates manufactured home community in Omaha, Nebraska. Before diving into the details of that report, a broader cautionary notice is warranted for any …

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Edward Bernard (“Bernie”) Pagel at “Ed Pagel’s Trailer Park” v Robert S. Shapiro, First Assistant Attorney General, Colorado Department of Law-Cease and Desist Order Controversies

“You know, for people like us [i.e. big mainstream media journalists], we do the job based on who’s in power.” – Chris Cuomo, CNN Anchor speaking to Anderson Cooper of CNN, during show handoff on 11.16.2020.   “Az aki ezt mondta, az modtad, te vagy.” – Magyar Maxim (translation further below.) Emotion, facts, and the implication of the various actions …

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Taxpayers Shortchanged By Big Bucks, Says Manufactured Homeowners and Elected Official


The following is from Fred Neil, who is an elected official on the Dover, Delaware city council. What Neil addresses in his letter to the editor applies to various degrees to dozens of other states. This version sent to MHLivingNews has some modest tweaks by Neil from his original, but the meaning remains the same.   Delaware Taxpayers Shortchanged by …

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“Don’t Buy the Lies” – Pithy Letters to Editor on Current and Looming Threats


On October 25, 2020, the following “letter to the editor” was published in the Ledger. Others have since republished it too. I’m a European university-educated woman from Tehran. I became a U.S. citizen in 2019. I love America and my homeland’s amazing culture. In the 1970s, after years of agitation and empty promises later proven false, Iran fell to radicals …

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“Trailer Park” Raised U.S. Senator vs. “Drag a Hundred-Dollar Bill Through a Trailer Park, You Never Know What You’ll Find.” Examining James Carville and Thom Tillis


The first phrase in the headline using the term “trailer park” is from U.S Senator Thom Tillis (NC-R). He says “trailer park” as a point of some pride to underscore his humble roots. For Tillis, “mobile home” and “trailer park” and rental housing are not pejoratives, even if he is arguably and obviously misusing the terminology. The second headline quote …

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