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Family Promise, Clayton Homes Fighting Against or for Homelessness? Is ABC WATE 6 “On Your Side” News Peddling Clayton Homes Propaganda Intentionally or Accidentally? Searching for Facts vs Fiction


Facts matter. The true meaning of words matters too. The relationship between cause-and-effect matters. As MHLivingNews and our MHProNews sister site has each previously reported, Peter Buffett, Warren Buffett’s own son, has exposed significant problems with the so-called “philanthro-feudalism” industry. Prior to Peter’s revelations, the award winning documentary Poverty Inc, outlined numbers of problems tied to so-called charity or poverty …

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Sun Communities CEO Gary Shiffman Insight – How Biden Tax Plan Is Looming Threat to Manufactured Home Residents in Numerous Manufactured Home Land-Lease Communities


Facts are not partisan. Facts simply are what they are. Facts may have a partisan policy implication, but that is not the same thing as a fact being partisan. When the Tax Foundation did an analysis on the proposed Biden tax plan that would supposedly pay for his proposed American Families Plan (AFP), the nonprofit said that “most economists agree …

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“Predatory” RHP Properties CEO Ross Partrich Announces Dozens of New Manufactured Home Communities Bought, Unpacking RHP, Sun’s Shiffman, ELS’ Nader, Frank Rolfe, Resident Leader Tim Sheahan Statements – News Analysis


The Private Equity Stakeholder Project (PESP) are among the nonprofits, media, and public officials who have called RHP Properties and other “consolidators” of land-lease manufactured home communities “predatory.” While such comments were once more commonly reserved to Democratic lawmakers, Republican officials have, in recent years, also become concerned that what is occurring in what for decades was “affordable housing” is …

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Billions in Economic Harm to Millions of Mobile Home and Manufactured Homeowners – FHFA Attorney Kevin Sheehan Responds to Mobile and Manufactured Home Living News Publisher’s “Concerns”


Even though tens of millions of Americans understandably believe that “the system is rigged,” the case can be made that the system is more rigged than most realize. The response from the Office of General Counsel at the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) to this writer and MHLivingNews publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach is an example of that which will …

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Making the Case-Why Mobile Home Univ, Impact Communities, Strive Communities-Frank Rolfe, Dave Reynolds Should Be New Manufactured Housing Institute Leaders – The View On Predatory, Deceptive, and Illegal Behavior That Dims Manufactured Home Living


As a disclosure for new readers and as detail-minded and longtime readers here know, Manufactured Home Living News takes a dim view of predatory, illegal, and unethical business practices. Then what explains this evidence-based viewpoint on making arguably notorious Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds the new leaders for the Arlington, VA based Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI)? Simple. Because birds of …

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Considering a Clayton Home? Behind the Curtain of Mobile and Manufactured Home Living – Hundreds of “Pissed Consumer” Complaints Against Clayton Homes, Manufactured and Conventional Housing Builder


Before diving into the headline topic about angry Clayton Homes customers, it is important to note for accuracy and balance that there are millions of Americans that are blessed and happy living in a pre-HUD Code mobile home or a post-HUD Code manufactured home. The manufactured home business, like any profession, could be oversimplified into so-called “white hat” or ethically …

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“Jesus of Nazareth,” “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” “The Case for Christ” – Easter Holy Week Video Collection – Why They Matter Now


The life of “Jesus of Nazareth” has long been called “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” The modern mind cannot fully appreciate the realities and ever-present implications of the Jewish Passover, the Christian Holy Week, and how they meaningfully interact now as they did some 2000 or more years ago. Visual tools illustrating that historic context makes these free full-length classic …

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“Calling Kevin Borden at MHAction, Kevin Borden at MHAction” – Judas Priest! – What Are You Doing, Who Are You Doing It For?


‘Calling Kevin Borden at MHAction, Calling Kevin Borden at MHAction – Judas Priest! – man!’ What are you doing and who are you doing it for? Phrases.UK explains that: “”Judas Priest” is a “swear.” It’s used on the theory that it is better to swear using the name of Judas Iscariot…who betrayed Jesus rather than saying “Jesus Christ,” taking the …

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Mobile and Manufactured Home Living Revolution Revival – “You Can Live Better When Your Living Costs Less.”


“You can live better when your living costs less.” © “Showcasing Smarter, Stronger, Stylish, Shelter Savings!” © And “Improved Living for Less.” © These are just three of several tag lines or mantras that have been provided here at Mobile and Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews) over the years. While our focus has been pre-HUD Code mobile homes and post-HUD …

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Build Back Better? Lifelong Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr Event 201 Report Warns Deceptive Gates Foundation, Billionaire-Elites Backed COVID19 & World Economic Forum Tactics Leading to “The Great Reset”


Those reading this article logically fall into one of two categories. They already own a home, or they do not own a home. Those who do not own fall into two sub-categories, those who want to own a home someday, while others who may not think at this time that they want to own their own residence. For many, affordable …

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Award-Winning Attorney Marty Lavin Sounds Alert About Manufactured Housing Institute Backed Loan Program; Home Values – Supply, Demand – Case for Manufactured Housing Sabotage


To understand the importance of the cautionary comments from award-winning attorney Marty Lavin to Mobile and Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews), it is useful to understand some basics that influence all forms of conventional and manufactured homes. Access to lending plays an important role in all resale home valuations. The law of supply and demand, along with proper support by …

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Consumer Alert! “Clayton Career” Employees Rip Clayton Homes for Deceptive Tactics, Unethical, Pressure, and Allegedly Illegal Behavior – Clayton Customers Video, News Complaints


There are several possible sources for information on a company – be it Clayton Homes or any other – for those seeking an authentic snapshot. It is natural for a company to say good things about themselves. But what do current and former employees have to say? What do customers that encountered a problem have to say? Those are some …

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Manufactured Home Living – News on What’s Hot, What’s Not – Shopping Insights, Videos, Safety Data, Repair Tips, Legal and Other Controversies, More!


Creating a top 25 list of topics and reports being accessed on industry leader Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews) can be a time saver. That is what this report will provide. Think of this as an index to the reports that readers like you decided are the top 25 on MHLivingNews. Additionally, following this list, there will be a similar …

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How The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and Their Corporate Masters Painted Themselves Into a Corner – Consumer Alert – News Analysis


Before launching into this news, analysis, and critique – in fairness to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) – they describe themselves like this. “The Manufactured Housing Institute is the only national trade organization representing all segments of the factory-built housing industry.” At times, MHI has also said that they represent “all segments of manufactured housing.” They elaborate by saying that “MHI members …

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Car, SUV, and Minivan Living? “Modern Day Nomadic Americans Who Can’t Afford Housing”


It is another tragedy unfolding before our eyes. But it is also one that growing numbers are being forced to live. More Americans – who once owned or rented – are now living in their vehicles. Even before the COVID19 crisis began, with then then-booming economy, over 500,000 Americans were on the streets, in tents, or were otherwise living in …

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