Entry Level v Residential Style Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes and MH Appraisals – Tom Papszycki, Arrowhead Homes – Inside MH Video Interview

There are far too many preconceived and misconceived notions about manufactured and modular homes, and part of our mission is to shed light on specific issues that are often misunderstood by prospective home shoppers.  Its safe to say that most of America has never been in a manufactured home, even fewer have been in modular homes.

Public officials and others with a keen professional interest in quality affordable housing are among our visitors and viewers.  With the demand for practical answers to growing demand for affordable homes, interest in factory produced homes continues to rise.

Of those who have been in a manufactured home, many don’t realize there are entry level models as well as residential style manufactured homes.  The first one is more basic in appearance, but which still meets all the safety, energy and construction standards that their more upscale residential style homes boast.  See the photo below the video on this page.  

The photo below is of a residential style manufactured home, and would look and live like a conventional house, for about half the cost.

This residential style manufactured home could be built as a modular home as well. Still from Inside MH Video on this page.  Model by Sunshine Homes, Red Bay, AL.

Modular homes are sold for cash or on typical mortgage financing used on conventional ‘on site’ construction.  The savings on these generally range from 10-25% off comparable conventional construction, depending on the market.

Manufactured homes can be sold for cash, on mortgage loans, as well as a unique third method of financing. You can get a manufactured home “home-only” (a chattel or personal property) loan or land/home with a mortgage.  

For more details on the comparison between manufactured and modular homes, please click here.

This video will share insights into all of those topics, as well as on appraisal and you’ll see examples of the various models described by Tom Papszycki of Arrowhead Sales in Paris TN.

Entry level “shade and shelter” manufactured homes feature VOG and batten strips vs. finished drywall as you’ll see in modular homes or residential style manufactured homes. This photo is a still from a video at UMH Properties, Goshen IN.

Part Two of this video will feature insights into ‘million dollar home owners’ who turned to the factory-crafted home option, once they understood the modern realities. Regular readers on MHLivingNews already know that frugal millionaires as well as movie stars have spurchased manufactured homes, check out the home tour of one of those stars linked here.

This video was done at the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, an industry professional trade show not open to the general public. More episodes of Inside MH – The Road Show  are coming, so check back and look around at other productions here for your educational and enjoyment pleasure. ## 

State inspector Becki Jackson was touring the model home that you see in this video, where Inside MH was wrapping up an interview. Tony spotted the state seal on Becki’s jacket, and asked her if she would be willing to sit down for a video interview to share her insights. The home this interview was done in was factory-crafted by Sunshine Homes, Red Bay AL.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

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