Professionalism, KYPs and Manufactured Housing

What sets apart the so-so service of a person or a company versus that of another which excels with customers? In a word, professionalism. This is true for all industries.

photo-two-guys-photo-credit-wikimediaFor example, the service at a good restaurant with a top notch server is marked by someone who is warm and professional.

A good server makes you feel welcome, then asks questions to learn what you might like. Listening, the server may probe deeper, asking and listening more before making the kind of recommendation that turns out to be just right.

The follow through by others – the cook, those who bring the food and fill your drink glass – all blend together for an experience that makes you want to come back for more and send your friends too. The first KYP is to Know Your Professionalism.

Something similar happens for manufactured housing operations that are truly professional. The first KYP of professionalism begins with something as simple yet resturant-Photo-credits-WikiCommons-posted-manufactured-living-newsimportant as a true smile, the right attitude of service and proper attire.

Before moving to the next KYP, let’s go back to the example of the restaurant server.

In order to recommend something, first the good server must know the menu. If they have personally sampled what the kitchen prepares, that naturally helps too.


This is the second of the KYPs, “Know Your Product.” The second KYP implies a willingness to learn, because a server that knew the old menu isn’t as helpful if they don’t know the knew menu items as they are added and/or change.

The seasoned server has to be able to relate to the customer’s tastes, timing and budget by asking questions, listening and then following through in a timely, warm and professional manner. This is the third KYP, “Know Your Prospect” (know your prospective customer). This can take place rapidly, as it does in a good restaurant.

Just as a blend of training and experience must occur in a good restaurant, similarly, blending training and experience are critical for manufactured housing professionals.

The true manufactured home professionals know they must have a professional look and attitude, part of the first KYP. The true pro knows they need to learn their product and service options; the second KYP.

After the initial learning, she or he are in a position to serve the home seeking public well by asking questions, listening, probing as need to gainresturant-Photo-credits-WikiCommons-posted-manufactured-living-news
understanding about tastes, ti
ming and budgets and only then making a recommendation – The third KYP – Know Your Prospect.

Experienced management at a location can often fill the gaps needed when their staff who serve the public are new or in training. The third KYP also reflects the fact that the public today wants to be heard, listened to and respected.

From time to time, ManufacturedHomeLivingNews.comwill plan to showcase a company or location that models professionalism via training and performance geared towards customer service and satisfaction.

When you are shopping for a home, look for a professionally minded company and person to serve you that understands these three KYPs. ##

(Photo credits: WikiCommons)

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