New & Epic UFO Insights – Government Coverup Evidence, Videos – What Light That Sheds on Affordable Housing, Renters, Conventional Homeowners, Mobile Homes, and Manufactured Homes – Lessons by Analogy, Analysis

By the tens of millions, public interest in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has been steady and strong for decades. The “incident at Roswell,” NM in July 1947 marks the ‘modern’ start to the contemporary question of – ‘are we alone as sentient beings in the universe?’ Whatever someone thinks of former President Bill Clinton, he made an interesting point when he said that modern telescopes and science have identified about 20 planets orbiting various stars at a sufficient distance that they may support life. There are counterpoints of course too, as the collage of screen captures, quotes, and videos below spotlight. The purpose of this article is not necessarily to take sides on the UFO – also known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) – debate. This writer is open to the truth, whatever the truth may be. The purpose of this article on UFOs is to demonstrate that our federal government, like other interest groups, is capable of significant coverups. Logically, coverups of the kind explored herein, could only occur with a certain level of collusion between certain elements of big media, big tech, big business, and public officials. Whatever the truth is on UFOs, it is a useful analogy to the topic of the mysterious ‘search’ for affordable housing in America. Part of that search for affordable living and homeownership objectively must include consideration the evolution of factory-built housing from the trailer houses of the 1930s, into mobile homes of the 1950s into the mid-1970s, into early manufactured homes post June 15, 1976, and finally into modern manufactured homes, notably after the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000. A few videos, quotes, and examples will serve to illustrate key points about UFOs. Those lessons will then be applied to the affordable housing – factory-built home controversies.


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As a disclosure, perhaps because this writer was a science fiction fan starting in my youth, I’ve read several books about UFOs. That interest started in my teens, about our own teenage son’s age. That’s a segue to a true story about a parental family friend used to be a Washington, D.C. area reporter.

This account that follows is a ‘new’ insight into UFOs to virtually everyone reading this article and analysis.

That now former reporter told our family about an encounter he had with an Air Force “full bird Colonel” – just under the rank of a general. That colonel and the reporter reportedly met in a bar. The reporter proceeded to get that Air Force officer drunk. The reporter then asked the colonel about the existence of UFOs. In response, that officer said that UFOs are real. They are not extra-terrestrial or ET spacecraft, the officer said. Rather, UFOs are experimental aircraft made for the U.S. military. If so, that opens the question if other nations – say Russia or China – have them too?


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Just because a good family friend told us that story about the Air Force colonel doesn’t mean I am any more or less convinced about the topic. That is one piece of possible evidence. That noted, I’ve listened with real interest to numerous news segments on the issue, as millions of others have too. I’ve watched videos like those shown. As an added disclosure, I’ve personally witnessed aerial phenomenon that would qualify as a UFO on several occasions. Those occasions began as a youth still in school, on into adulthood. None of that makes me an expert on that topic. That said, quite frankly, none of those personal observations tell me if the UFO craft observed originated on another planet or are from earth. There are logically other possibilities, of course. For instances, such unusual crafts may be a mixture of both earthly and alien (extra-terrestrial) vehicles. Additionally, without getting too much into the weeds, it are possibly entirely different explanations possible. Once more, this writer is open to the truth on this question, whatever that truth may happen to be.

To the point about coverups involving UFOs, consider this.

The debris recovered by rancher WW Mack Brazel was gathered by the military from the Roswell Army Air Field [RAAF] under the direction of base intelligence officer Major Jesse Marcel. On July 8, 1947, public information officer Lt. Walter Haut issued a press release under orders from base commander Col. William Blanchard, which said basically that we have in our possession a flying saucer. The next day another press release was issued, this time from Gen. Roger Ramey, stating it was a weather balloon. That was the start of the best known and well-documented UFO coverup.” – per the website.

With Father’s Day approaching, it is worth mentioning that my father was literally a world class professional philosopher, having earned his Ph.D. “summa cum laude” – the first from the five century old University of Cologne, Germany. Philosophy – like UFOs, or manufactured homes – is a rather misunderstood topic. One definition of philosophy is the science of thought. Dictionary’s first definition of philosophy on this date (6.19.2021) says: that philosophy is “the rational investigation of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.” Additional pull quotes from Dictionary on philosophy says: “a particular system of thought based on such study or investigation” and “the critical study of the basic principles and concepts of a particular branch of knowledge, especially with a view to improving or reconstituting them,” the later of which gives as an example: “the philosophy of science.” As a true scholar, as evidenced by his peers accolades, my father was open to serious discussions on a range of heady subjects.


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That’s mentioned because clarity of thinking – and learning to think objectively – can shed light on any given issue, whatever that topic may be.

As a philosopher, my dad – and his highly intelligent and well-educated wife (my mom) – taught my siblings and I much about rational thinking. The couple entertained quite a bit, and those guests were also often philosophers, theologians, graduate students, and various professionals. There are ‘rules’ to clear thought, just as there are ‘laws’ in true science. As an aside, my father’s willingness to engage on thorny and controversial topics landed him on the pages of Fortune and Time magazines (see collage above, from Fortune in December 1966). Among the subjects I recall being discussed was the pernicious nature of propaganda and the manipulation of information.

Once a person comes to realize that people in or out of government can play tricks on our perceptions and understanding of a subject, we may become aware that just because something is commonly believed does not make it so. An example of that is the once commonly held ‘flat earth’ theory from centuries ago.

Once widely believed, the notion that the world supposedly being flat rather than spherical is now widely disbelieved.


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Public and religious figures took sides on the flat earth notion. So too today with UFOs. If one thing is undisputed, it is that the U.S., and other governments, have covered up several things about UFO research. If the full-length version of the video below is believed (“Unacknowledged” can be streamed at this time on Amazon Prime), hundreds of billions of dollars are going into “black” or secret research into technology and research on UFOs that the federal government has for too long covered up.



If political, military, intelligence (spy) and bureaucratic figures have lied to the public about UFOs, what else have they lied about?



For whatever reasons, this more serious probe by mainstream media into the UFO topic in recent years has been growing. The videos above and below are from right and left leaning media. But it was not so many years ago, that much of the media, like much of the government, scoffed at the idea of any serious evidence of UFOs.



That overview of UFOs, and objective thought about other controversial subjects in general, are sufficient to bring us to another misunderstood subject. The arguably equally obscured subject of affordable housing in general, and manufactured homes in particular. Once more for emphasis. If government officials, media, big business, etc. are willing to be deceptive about one subject, then it only stands to reason that those same or similar people are likely to be deceptive about other subjects. Ignorance and misinformation are sadly all too common in our ‘modern’ era.


The Search for the Truth About Affordable Housing Analogy 

This platform, MHLivingNews, is one of the most popular in all of manufactured housing. This site and articles here have been cited by the federal government, third-party researchers, some in media, etc. In terms of total content, MHLivingNews is not nearly as large as our MHProNews sister site. Here we have less than a thousand articles, there on MHProNews we have over 20,000 reports – with both sites growing. On some search topics, we rank at or near the top – not because Google loves us, but because so few have probed the issues explored here in a serious fashion.


There are white hat brands and black hat brands in manufactured housing. Our research into Clayton Homes arguably places prominent Manufactured Housing Institute member Clayton into the black hat category, based upon carefully documented research.


Each of these two manufactured home focused platform our parent company has produced get millions of visitors annually. Our typical visitor visits several articles pages per visit. That is per Webalizer. Webalizer is nestled on each cPanel – on the server itself. So, unlike some third-party platforms that generate an estimate of a websites’ traffic, Webalizer records actual data. Per that data, our typical visitors pursue several articles/pages accessed per visit. Specifically, MHProNews – for example – Webalizer data tells us that visitor/reader engagement is about double what mainstream news sites reportedly get on average. MHProNews gets 6.6 page views per visitor on a news site that has a high level of engagement from public officials and others, again, per third-party data. While we are not mind-readers. Software isn’t either. But a little common sense tells us that such high level of reader/visitor engagement suggests that our content makes sense to serious seekers of the truth.

From an MHI member reader that doesn’t always agree with what we publish, but who nevertheless admits that our reports reasoning in recent years consistently holds together. NOTE: while we alone are ultimately responsible for our typos, just as other news sources are, some typos are from autocorrect, etc. that were not detected. But when a factual error is pointed out, we address it and own up to it.

All that leads up to makes this point.

While we may get typos (we do), we are careful in documenting evidence and citing the sources for facts. Our reports and analysis on MHLivingNews and MHProNews are based upon known facts, that do not shy away from calling into question the contradictory or apparently false statements of others.  We spotlight good news, but also the bad or ugly news that are part of the reason why manufactured homes are misunderstood. We do so based upon the use of reasoning, which has scientific principles.  Additionally, as someone who in my academic days won several awards in history, we consider the lessons and insights of history in producing our reports and articles.


Quoting a source is not the same as agreeing with everything that said person or source has said or done. A quote is shared because, a) it is apparently accurate. But also, b) because a quote sheds light on a given subject.

The infographic below are tips on how to spot misinformation,
using common sense and objective reasoning.


Much of what people think they know about mobile or manufactured homes are mistaken. To learn more about that, see the report linked below.


The American Dream was founded upon a belief in various types of freedom, but also on home ownership. The subtle but significant push by the powers that be in our nation for “affordable housing” or “housing as a right” guaranteed by government is arguably as deceptive a ruse as the decades of coverups and misinformation about UFOs. Public officials have arguably caused, in conjunction with private interests, the affordable housing crisis.  Public officials and private interests have obscured the truth about manufactured homes that is hiding in plain sight.



The article that Danny was commenting on is the one linked here. It is worth noting that Danny and this writer had a significant blowout over 5 years ago. It was a misunderstanding, which was ultimately patched up during an person lunch at a restaurant in Bartow, FL. Though we had a significant disagreement, even during that timeframe, MHProNews and this site kept reporting information from MHARR – the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform – in an objective fashion. We strive to report in an evidence and factually accurate based fashion. Sometimes, sincere disagreements can result in an ever closer professional understanding once tempers cool.
TimSheahanPhotoGSMOL-NMHOA-SMMRAlogosQuoteCompetitionFreeMarketsManufacturedHomeCommunitiesImmobileHomesFHFAtestimonyMHProNews (1)
That statement by Tim Sheahan is not likely to be found on our would-be rival sites. We explore issues from several angles. We do not use ‘straw man’ tactics, or ‘smear’ methods as some do. Our critiques are based upon evidence, facts, and that is likely part of the reason why their attorneys have rattled sabers, but have never acted.


It cannot be emphasized too much. If public officials, big business, big tech, and big media can be corrupt or deceptive about one thing – be it UFOs, our border crisis, abortion, or whatever else there is a sharp divide over – then it stands to reason that those same interests can be deceptive about other matters more down to earth too. That can – and we think the evidence clearly indicates – includes a widespread misunderstanding about manufactured homes.




The cell phone and/or land line you may have evolved over time from old crank style phones. Trailers evolved into mobile homes. Mobile homes evolved into manufactured homes.


They do not always use the correct terminology about manufactured homes. But they are evidence-based supporters of modern manufactured homes. They are among those who have said that collusion between public officials, business, and nonprofits are undermining manufactured housing and are causing, not curing, the affordable housing crisis.
Hardiman represents the modular home builders, not manufactured home builders. He specifically said that he would “never make a disparaging remark about a manufactured home. It is a viable and affordable housing solution that is much needed in this country and has provided decent living accommodations for countless people.” But Hardiman also ripped the Manufactured Housing Institute for undermining millions of manufactured homes, by who? By MHI. The reasons why MHI has done so are explored in several articles on this site and in far more on MHProNews. They can be summed up like this. A few are trying to monopolize manufactured housing, for their own purposes. Doug Ryan, quoted above, Schmitz and his colleagues, Samuel Strommen, among others have made that argument. It helps explain why manufactured housing is misunderstood.


It is just no surprise that people cover up, deceive others, or even lie to themselves. Serious researchers, from the left to the right, have said so.

Manufactured homes are the most proven form of affordable home ownership ever in the U.S. Period. End of story.


Notice, pricing on homes can shift day by day, sometimes, down, but generally up. The data shown is deemed reliable as of the time the infographic was first produced. Serious researchers should always double-check current information from reliable sources.


So, when decades of research makes it plain and the evidence is so clear, why are manufactured homes so misunderstood?




For the answer to that question, look up at the sky.  The next time you wonder about UFOs, apply a similar level of interest to manufactured housing. “Special interests,” sadly, can lie. That is not news. Their own supporters demonstrate that with research like the quoted survey results below.
Page 1, number 6 on the topic above is on our sister site. The first four ‘hits’ on this search are on the Civic Alliance’s own website. Our report accurately cited their information, but also other facts in an evidenced-based manner. One of several takeaways? Amazingly, the truth is often hiding in plain sight. However, when mainstream media often spins the news, is it any surprise that facts hiding in plain sight are ignored or obscured? On controversial issues, our platforms have spotlighted factual information that reveals why our nation’s housing woes are in the current status quo. It is because some benefit from that, just as they do by manipulating other aspects of our economy. We strive to go where the facts, evidence, and common sense leads us, even if the conclusions are controversial. 


The powers that be, so to speak, such as the big business members of the Civic Alliance, are quite good at creating divisions and rubbing the sore spots between conventional housing owners, renters, and mobile/manufactured home owners. They do so on a range of issues, not just housing.




Somewhat naively, when we first launched MHLivingNews, we did so thinking that the manufactured home professional sector, specifically the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), would embrace it. In a sense, they did agree with and praised our goals – on paper. But in practice, as time advanced, it became clear that they did not follow through on that support. In fact, it became obvious that Berkshire brands and others were apparently undermining and obscuring a clear understanding; apparently for their own motivations. Once that was discovered and understood, MHLivingNews and our MHProNews sister site so reported.


Sources indicate that Williams, and other Berkshire members, closely follow our reports and research. They may rue the day that they made such positive comments. But it raises the obvious question. Why has Berkshire Hathaway failed to properly promote a correct understanding of modern manufactured homes? For years, they had dozens of newspapers that they themselves owned. They still have deep media ties. They have billions of dollars that they could use to promote the truth. So why don’t they do so? Paradoxically, at first, the answer emerges. By causing underperformance and misunderstandings, it has allowed them to slowly but steadily dominate manufactured housing. It profits themselves and their allies, but not consumers at large.
See his context and the full ‘debate’ context in the report, linked here.


Here on MHLivingNews, we have the experience and expertise to examine the evidence in an objective fashion. We are able and willing to tell the truth, be it good, bad, or ugly. Ugly things have happened in our profession. We’ve reported it. But we then also show how it is often the same cast of characters who are often the responsible parties for ‘bad news.’ The bad behavior of the few, no matter how influential, should deter others from finding the answer to affordable home ownership.  Skyrocketing costs on conventional housing has several risks, even for owners of those properties.  The vast majority of Americans should not allow the truth about manufactured homes to be hijacked by those whose misbehavior attempts to rob tens of millions of Americans of their own piece of the American Dream.


Here, we believe in #HousingChoice. We believe in truth, evidence, justice, and the ethical ‘American way.’ God Bless America. We the People need it. ##


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All on Capitol Hill were welcoming and interested in the discussion of manufactured housing-related issues on our 12.3.2019 meetings. But Texas Congressman Al Green’s office was tremendous in their hospitality. Our son’s hand is on a package that included a copy of the Constitution of the United States and other goodies. MHProNews has worked with people and politicos across the left-right divide.

By L.A. “Tony” Kovach – for

Tony earned a journalism scholarship and earned numerous awards in history and in manufactured housing. For example, he earned the prestigious Lottinville Award in history from the University of Oklahoma, where he studied history and business management. He’s a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and This article reflects the LLC’s and/or the writer’s position, and may or may not reflect the views of sponsors or supporters.

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