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Maintaining Quality and Strength While Saving Homebuyers Money – Inside MH Video with Mike Stone, part 2


Millions have misunderstandings about manufactured homes. Some are confused by the terminology, which a simple visual explanation of the evolution from ‘trailer house’ to ‘mobile home’ to today’s manufactured homes is linked here. Millions don’t realize that you can get incredible looks and quality in residential style manufactured homes (MH), that there are many models available besides an ‘entry level’ …

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Art Linkletter and Manufactured Housing today


Art Linkletter was a much beloved radio and TV personality, perhaps best known for the “House Party” show. Linkletter died in 2010 at the age of 97.  Years before, during the 1980s, Art Linkletter was hired by the Western States Manufactured Housing Association to do a campaign to better inform the public about the quality and appeal of manufactured homes …

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A Hunter and Native American Decorator’s Dream! John Howard’s Home, Inside MH Road Show Video


John and Sue Howard are another one of the many manufactured home residents that defy the conventional stereotypes.  John is a retired executive from the Pfizer pharmaceutical company.  Sue is retired from the U.S. Postal Service.  Together, they sold their fine, large conventional house on 10 acres, to move into the terrific 2400 square foot manufactured home you’ll see in …

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How a Manufactured-Modular Home Production Center Achieves Savings and Quality – Inside MH Video with Mike Stone


People who see, touch and feel today’s manufactured homes are often impressed.  Some will fall in love with the designer homes and easy-care lifestyles. But old myths and urban legends die harder for others.  There are common questions we get about manufactured homes (MH) from skeptics and as well as from those who are enthuisiastic.  One common question is on …

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4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Clean


Millions want a cleaner home, but feel stretched thin on time or energy. Take a look at these four tips, each proven ways to keep your home cleaner that can save time, and money too! Shoes Off at the Door Think about it. Your shoes, boots or sandals worn outdoors have been in some pretty dirty places. Oil, animal deposits, …

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Impressive! Report Points to Manufactured Home Quality and Satisfaction – What All Housing Shoppers Should Know


We all know that cheaper prices can mean cheaper quality. What this federally mandated study reported below demonstrates is that the low prices found on today’s manufactured homes (MH) results in amazingly few complaints. MH is the exception that proves the rule. The reason you can save on MH and still get quality and good looks is because the factory …

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Congressman Stephen Fincher is Demanding Fairness for Rural Americans in Manufactured Homes – The Hill OpEd


There are fine lines to be walked in the subject of The Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act – HR 650/S 682. One should not over or understate a problem on this or any other serious issue. has been covering the fact that owners of the lowest cost manufactured home (MH) are being harmed by federal CFPB regulations. We’ll share …

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Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY) CFO Steve Lawler-Inside Manufactured Housing Video & Home Tour


“As an industry, we represent all levels of home building,” said Steve Lawler, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc. (DVLY). We spoke with Steve and his associate Chet Murhpree, General Manager of Deer Valley Homebuilders in a recent Inside MH Road Show to their production center in Guin, AL. What Steve meant by his statement quoted above …

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Cancer Cures and Today’s MH


What if there was a cure for cancer known to exist, but was not well understood? What if an early version of that cancer cure produced okay or problematic results, but refinements of that cure later produced amazing results? Because of negative perceptions based on that past history, those who knew the cure would have to try to figure out …

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Semper Fi! Video Patriotic 4th of July with Marine Manufactured Home Owner James Hodges, New Durham Estates, Westville IN


We knew we wanted to share James Hodges’ story around some national holiday.  Independence Day – the 4th of July holiday period – seems like a perfect fit!  James has a terrific home, as you’ll see in the second video on this page. It a ‘residential style’ manufactured home, meaning if we didn’t tell you it was built in a …

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Fourth of July, Jefferson Memorial and the Washington DC Solar Powered Modular-PreFab Home Decathlon


We work hard during the day (and night, and weekends…). When we can, we combine work, play and inspiration. We did all of that in our recent family trip to Washington, D.C.. The Lincoln Memorial, check. The Washington Monument, check. Arlington National Cemetary, check. Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and more, check. All of the above have their inspirational and patriotic …

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Brad Pitt Making it Right with Modular Homes for New Orleans


The year was 2007. 2 years had passed since the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Brad Pitt came to New Orleans with a vision for the Make it Right Foundation to make a difference in helping residents of the city’s hard-hit 9th Ward. 7 years and 100 homes later, the futuristic looking modular homes of this once devastated neighborhood stand as a …

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Video – Inside MH with John and Pam Bostick – President and CEO of Sunshine Homes, Manufactured and Modular Home Builder – Red Bay, AL


Before we share the Inside MH Video interview with Sunshine Homes Inc. President, John and his wife Pam Bostick, we first wanted to show you the home that we did the digital filming in. That’s the first video you see below. Many people are looking for multi-sectionals, like the stylish, quality one above. As a quick note, when you watched …

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Video – Senior Service Tech Jon Johnson Compares Apartments, Houses to modern Manufactured Homes


Tens of millions of Americans follow a life-path that includes starting-out or re-aligning with apartment living.  When their time comes to decide – “what’s next?” – that’s when the choice or comparison between a manufactured home and other housing options comes into play.  That’s one of many reasons we were so pleased to do this interview with Jon and Amy …

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Mayor Phil Segraves talks Growth, Business, Development and Today’s Manufactured Housing found in Guin, AL based Deer Valley Homebuilders

Thousands are leaving larger cities and suburbs for smaller towns, seeking that “better quality of life.” A Pew research report mentioned in this video tells us that smaller towns – the exurbs – are growing again. Towns and cities across America want ‘smart growth.’   So in this exclusive video interview with Mayor Phil Segraves of Guin, AL you’ll hear …

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