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First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation hasn’t forgotten that the most important word in “home loans” is HOME.

The real estate crisis has put words like “securitization” and “derivative” into the mouths of people across the nation. But somewhere along the line, many forgot that home loans are about people and their dreams, not Wall Street portfolios. FGMC hasn’t forgotten that. We offer a number of loans designed to fit the needs of a wide range of borrowers, and common sense underwriting that doesn’t just reduce a borrower to a formula. That means we’ll be working with manufactured home dealers to put the true meaning of “home lending” back into the transaction…and that you’ll be handing your client the keys in no time.

Real loan options for your customers

FGMC believes that the FHA loan was designed with manufactured home buyers in mind. We provide a number of flexible mortgage loan options, allowing your homebuyers the choices they desire to fulfill their dreams. From VA to USDA loans, we are able to offer a wide range of mortgage choices to a wide range of homebuyers. We also offer a one-time close FHA construction loan.

Our underwriting makes use of common sense, not simply an algorithm or rigid formula. That means we provide your customers with choice…and opportunity.

Get started now!

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